March 6th is National Dentist Day! We wish we could give all the dentists out there a plaque of recognition to thank them for keeping us smiling. All jokes aside, dentistry is a noble profession with work that has the potential to improve an individual’s health and their quality of life.

For general information on this healthcare profession, check our specialty profile on dentistry. For details on the benefits of becoming a dentist, continue reading below.


Be Independent …

Dentistry is an excellent healthcare discipline for those looking to open their own practices. While corporate practices are becoming more frequent, many dentists choose to open their own practices. Doing so allows them to set their own hours, choose who they want to work with, and provide quality care to returning patients rather than working with a population of patients that is continuously changing. Owning a private practice means a dentist has the potential to earn more money. Private practice owners can set their own hours and add additional appointment hours when in need of supplemental income. The same goes for cutting down hours. Dentists who want to taper their work until retirement have the option to lower the number of hours they practice if necessary.


…With the Option to Work with a Team

Even dentists who open private practices work with a team in some capacity. The success of both individual and corporate dentistry practices depends strongly on the work of dental assistants, dental hygienists, and administrative assistants who work closely with the patients, often getting to know them on a personal level.


Make a Good Income…

The average annual income for a dentist in the U.S. during 2018 was $151,850, with dentists on the higher end making upwards of $200,000 each year. While a dentist’s income can be less than other healthcare providers, Dentistry is ranked number one when it comes to the best jobs in healthcare overall.


…While Maintaining a Flexible Work-Life Balance

Unlike other healthcare professionals, most dentists have set hours that rarely change as most dental emergencies are not life-threatening. Because many dentists own small private practices, they get to choose their own hours. Most dentist offices are open during the weekdays, with some choosing to offer Saturday appointments for the convenience of their patients that work during the weekdays. This modest work schedule means that dentists have lower rates of burnout. It also means they can have a family and personal life without much interference from their profession.


Enjoy Job Security…

Dentistry has a low unemployment rate, meaning it is easier to find and secure jobs in this healthcare profession. Also, due to population growth and the projected retirement of dentists currently practicing, by 2028 more than 10,000 dentistry positions will need to be filled.


…And Make a Positive Impact on Patients’ Lives.

Dentists have the power to change a patient’s life. Providing routine dental care is essential but, dentists also perform procedures to alleviate oral pain and make a patient’s smile more aesthetically pleasing. Poor oral care can impact an individual’s overall health. It can lead to tooth and gum decay, diseases, infections, and even cardiovascular issues. A dentist can help patients avoid these by providing routine dental care and educating patients on how to best practice good oral hygiene.


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