Through our partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago, we offer a clinical experience that checks all the boxes! Here are just some of the things that make this rotation awesome:

  • Suitable for groups, which means you can rotate with a friend
  • Offers a university or hospital letter of recommendation
  • Has strong academic and hospital affiliations
  • Is entirely inpatient
  • An excellent option for early-year medical students


With approximately 450 hospital beds, 600 physicians, and a full trauma center, University of Illinois Hospital (UI Health) provides visitors an authentic look at the U.S. healthcare system. Because this hospital also functions as a residency site, visitors may have the opportunity to rub shoulders with residents, giving them a glimpse into the life of a U.S. medical resident.

Continue reading below for what to expect during this academic-affiliated clinical experience and some ideas on what to do outside rotation hours.


During Rotation Hours

Throughout this four-week clinical experience, visitors will shadow a precepting physician who also happens to be UI Health’s Chief of Cardiology. The curriculum will cover how to diagnose and treat issues impacting the cardiovascular system appropriately. Recording medical histories and performing physical exams play a pivotal role in this. Visitors may observe their physician performing ECGs, stress tests, transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiograms, cardiac catheterization, stent placement, and structural heart procedures.

Those who complete this clinical experience are eligible to request an LoR from their precepting physician. This letter will be on hospital or university letterhead.


Outside the Clinical Experience

During this clinical experience, visitors will have the opportunity to rotate in a renowned medical institution that is just a train ride away from AMO’s Chicago headquarters. Being in the city, visitors can choose to participate in AMO’s visitor reception, which gives visitors an opportunity to meet other international medical trainees and professionals rotating with AMO. Visitors can also meet their AMO Visitor Experience Coach in person!

In addition to functioning as a center point for AMO visitors, Chicago provides ease when it comes to planning certain aspects of a clinical experience. This beautiful city has lots of transportation, housing, and dining options, not to mention concerts and great shopping areas like the Magnificent Mile.

Visitors who rotate at the University of Illinois at Chicago will not be bored outside rotation hours. Chicago has a vast collection of museums, outdoor spaces, and dining experiences, all of which can provide insight into U.S. culture. Chicago visitors should be sure to enjoy a slice of deep-dish pizza, catch a Cubs game, and take a stroll in Millennium Park.


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