Need some cheering up? Check out the winning submission of our February AMO Photo and Blog Contest! Carlos, a medical graduate from Ecuador, participated in an internal medicine clinical experience with Dr. F. in New York and had only good things to say about it! His story provides insight into how a clinical experience can benefit your medical education and future.


New York, A Second Home

It was a wonderful experience. It wasn’t just only a clinical experience but the experience of a lifetime that is helping me on my way to residency. I learned how the American health system works, how to become part of it, and, perhaps most importantly, the most effective ways to treat patients.

Rotating in this clinic was the perfect opportunity to improve my clinical skills, like taking physical examinations and patient histories. It also taught me how to deal with different kinds of patients. I was able to speak to patients, practice physical exams, and write patient notes to be reviewed by the doctor after the appointment. The staff members at the clinic were kind, helpful, and friendly.  They taught me many things about the American health system.

The professionalism and efficiency of my clinical rotation were an example of excellence. The only downside to participating in this experience is that, in the end, you won’t want to leave.

In addition to learning new things, I made wonderful friends worldwide and learned about multiple cultures. Each weekend we went to a different restaurant that represented our cultures and tried traditional foods.

After being in New York, I think everyone should visit there at least once. It’s a gorgeous big city where everyone feels at home. There is so much diversity and so much to see. The city’s public transportation, although crowded, was efficient. If you are in New York, be sure to try the pizza there. It is one of the best there is!

Regarding the process to be enrolled for the clinical rotation with AMO, I can say that it was simple and fast. I don’t have any complaints about it. Finally, I can say that I highly recommend signing up with AMO. In the end, I got my letter of recommendation, and I know it will help me get into residency.


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