Building Connections

At AMOpportunities, we work to build connections. Whether this means connecting with our visitors about their future goals, connecting an individual with a clinical experience, or connecting with institutions to bring our visitors the experiences they want and need.

We hold our relationships with partnered schools, student organizations, medical students, and doctors around the world in high regard. While these relationships can be fostered remotely, the strongest connections happen in person. The AMOpportunities team travels to regions around the world to give presentations to both faculty members and students. Such presentations are essential for educating prospective partners and visitors on the importance of clinical experiences and the specifics of programs we offer.


AMO’s Takes to Brazil

Last month our Partnerships Director, Daniel Rivers, traveled to Brazil to share our mission with students and their educational institutions. Brazil has more than 300 medical schools that graduate an impressive number of medical professionals each year. Originally, Daniel planned to represent AMOpportunities at 14 events in various locations. Unfortunately, due to the onset of COVID-19, that was not the case.

However, Daniel was able to visit Brazil for a short period of time. While we hold the safety of our employees and others in high regard, the virus was in its early stages of spreading, and AMO felt and still feels that, in times of great need,  clinical experiences and the healthcare providers who benefit from them are of the utmost importance.

The Value of a Clinical Experience

Participating in clinical experiences that have been deemed safe during this time can elevate learning. During this experience, medical trainees can learn how situations, such as global pandemics, are handled in different ways. This information will be extremely valuable in their careers and make them better doctors in the future.

Finding Alternative Ways to Connect

In the end, Daniel’s trip was cut short. He only attended one event before travel restrictions were put in place, and he was forced to return home. As a company, we excel at finding other ways to build our international relations and share our clinical experience. We are currently hosting live video presentations with many of the schools Daniel was set to visit.


Do you represent a medical school or university with students who need clinical experiences?

Email our partnership director,, for more information on the experiences we offer and how you can be an AMO Partner!