Many of our visitors worry about traveling to the U.S. alone for their clinical experience. Sometimes, individuals rotate with friends but, when this isn’t the case, visitors usually find themselves making some along the way. A number of the clinical experiences we offer have more than one spot available each month—which means that multiple visitors can rotate with the same physician. Oftentimes, these individuals form close bonds with one another, sharing meals together and teaming up to explore the city where their rotation is located!

Akif, a medical student from India, experienced just this during his January 2020 rotation in New York. As he learned about the specialty of internal medicine, he interacted with several other international medical students. To find out more about his experience, continue reading below.


Hungry to Learn

During my month-long clinical experience in New York, I experienced an atmosphere that was both calm and educating. It was no less than a dream come true. Before I share my experience, I have to thank my AMO coach, Jordan, who was highly supportive and helpful before, during, and after the rotation. I never thought I would participate in a clinical experience in New York City during medical school, and feel happy to have had the experience.

On my first day, I was greeted warmly by the staff and supervising physician. Even though the healthcare system was a mystery to me, the doctor and his well-trained staff taught me how each patient encounter would work. It was such a smooth transition, and I soon started to help the physician when he saw patients. I also learned how to type up patient notes. This was great practice for the Step 2 CS portion of the USMLE.

While rotating, I saw a variety of patients. They mentioned that the site I was at had always provided exceptional healthcare. It didn’t take me long to understand why. Every patient was treated with warmth and greeted with a big smile. I think this may have played a role in curing their illnesses.

I wasn’t alone in this wonderful experience. There were medical students from China, Columbia, Malaysia, and India rotating too! Despite our cultural differences, we shared similar thoughts. Soon professional conversations at the clinic became friendly banter. What’s better than making new friends in a different country? The doctor, nurse practitioners, and working staff were also friendly. They often suggested the best places to treat our empty stomachs after a day in the clinic.

The city itself has a lot to offer, too, from the breathtaking skyline to fancy foods and sweet people. Though winter may not be considered the best season to visit New York City, the weather didn’t bother me. It taught me how a fast-paced life demands every individual to be on their toes and strive for perfection in whatever they do. If you are confident, adaptive, and a foodie, New York is the place for you. This city has won my heart. It wouldn’t have mattered how long I stayed; you can never spend enough time there. I am genuinely grateful to AMOpportunities for exposing me to a wonderful healthcare system and my favorite city in the world.


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