With many students participating in online clinical experiences, we are looking for new ways to encourage entries to our monthly photo and blog contest. As such, we are extending the contest for our June visitors and taking this time to share an entry from a few months back.

Davi, a medical student from Brazil who participated in a clinical experience with AMO during February, was a runner up for that month’s contest. His experience took him to Tampa, Florida. During his time in the Sunshine State, Davi divided his time between the clinic, hospital, and the beach. For information on how he enjoyed his internal medicine clinical experience, continue reading below.


A Vacation and Clinical Experience Wrapped into One

My clinical experience with AMO was my first observership ever. When it came to considering a clinical experience abroad, I had my doubts. I wondered if the clinical experiences offered would be a reliable investment. My worries were quickly pushed aside as all the questions I sent through email regarding documents, payment, and other matters were answered quickly and thoughtfully by an AMO Advisor. From that point, I knew that participating in a rotation with AMO would be a good decision.

During the month I spent rotating in Tampa, I was able to study medicine and experience personal growth. My preceptor welcomed me from the first moment we met. She was attentive to any difficulties I had and was willing to listen to suggestions that my colleagues or I had regarding clinical cases. I was able to conduct consultations, perform physical exams, and discuss cases with the entire medical team. We did rounds in a large hospital within the city twice a week. During this time, I familiarized myself with the technology and infrastructure present. Despite selecting an experience in the specialty of internal medicine, I still had the opportunity to spend a few days with a cardiologist. With the guidance of this healthcare professional, I learned a lot about EKGs and accompanied some patients to see an endocrinologist a clinic.

With my weekends free, I had time to visit popular Tampa tourist attractions. I also made trips to St. Petersburg and Clearwater, two cities nearby. Clearwater Beach, which has been voted the best beach in the world on many occasions, was a must-see destination for me. After completing my clinical experience, I feel very thankful to AMO for this providing me this opportunity. It really was worth the trip!


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