We are excited to announce that this month, we have more than one winner for our photo and blog contest! That’s right, both Diego and Aishwarya are the winners of our July 2020 Photo and Blog Contest! Both individuals chose to participate in online telehealth clinical experiences, which allowed them to rotate from home, using technology as a point of connection.

Diego, a medical graduate from the U.S., elected to participate in an internal medicine clinical experience with a physician based in Michigan. Aishwarya, a medical graduate from India, also participating in an internal medicine clinical experience but selected a program with a physician based in Illinois.

While both visitors enjoyed their experiences, they initially had doubts about working with patients virtually. Throughout their four-week experiences, Diego and Aishwarya were able to perfect their webside manner.

If you are curious about how Aishwarya connected with patients virtually, continue reading below. To read Diego’s blog entry, click here.


Remote Connections

I still remember the day I decided to apply for a clinical experience in the U.S. I felt confused until a friend recommended I look into AMOpportunities. Looking back on the whole process, from registered to write this blog post, gives me chills. This experience would not have been possible without support from my parents and guidance from the amazing AMOpportunities team.

One of the biggest problems this year has been COVID-19. The altered travel plans, including my own. When I heard about online telehealth rotations I was elated. At the same time, I was apprehensive. This was the first time such rotations were being offered and I didn’t know what to expect. Eventually, I mustered up the courage and it was so worth it.

I started my internal medicine rotation at the beginning of July. Although I felt awkward, Dr. P. was very friendly and helped me to feel more comfortable. Me and the other individuals rotating connected via WebEx meetings to discuss relevant topics each day. On Mondays and Tuesdays, we focused on clinical topics, went over PowerPoint presentations, and examined case discussions. On other days we interacted with patients at the clinic.

The clinic focused on preventative wellness, weight loss, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, and holistic wellbeing. I was instantly drawn to the way Dr. P. and his associate, Dr. G., communicated with their patients. They believe in treating the patients as a whole and kept their best interests in mind. This really struck a chord with me as I always believe in treating patients the way you would like to be treated or as you would treat a family member.

During the experience, I met some amazing and like-minded people who also happened to be fun to hang out with. Each person was in a different location and a different time zone. It made me realize how large the world is. We shared a lot of personal stories and I hope to meet some of them in person in the future.

Overall, I had an amazing experience! I learned so many new things and got a different perspective on patient care. There are so many memories attached to this experience which I will cherish for a lifetime.


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