As one month ends and another begins, our precepting physician must say goodbye to their visitors. Often times the farewell can be bittersweet with visitors and preceptors creating strong bonds during their four weeks together. For our August 2020 Photo and Blog Contest winner, Irma, this was definitely the case

Irma, a medical graduate from Ecuador, participated in a cardiology clinical experience with one of AMO’s most popular precepting physician, Dr. G. To find out what makes this experience with this mentor so exceptional, continue reading Irma’s winning Photo and Blog Contest entry below.


Meeting My Mentor

In August, I participated in a hands-on cardiology clinical experience. It was my first cardiology clinical experience in the U.S. During the experience, I got to know a great group of medical students from different parts of the world, including Turkey, India, and Poland. As we got to know one another, we built supportive friendships.

In just four weeks, our group learned and practiced how to take clinical histories. We also received intensive instruction regarding EKGs interpretation. We also studied echocardiogram and basic principles of angiography. I studied the common cardiology pathologies, such as heart failure, hypertension, and myocardial infarction, and was able to interact with patients under the supervision of my attending physician, Dr. G. Over time I developed a great friendship with my precepting physician.

Every Tuesday, we had meetings to discuss new treatments and therapies available within the U.S. After completing clinical consultations, we attended cardiology lectures, where we could ask questions and receive answers. Dr. G. was open and kind; he was a great teacher. I will always be grateful to him, and the rest of the staff members who made my clinical experience wonderful and gave us a welcoming environment to learn in. I highly recommend participating in a clinical experience with AMO if you are looking to pursue clinical training in the U.S.!


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