Virtual clinical experiences are great for many reasons but, one aspect which often goes unnoticed is that they allow many individuals to rotate at the same time.

Our clinical experiences are open to U.S. and internationally-trained medical students and graduates, meaning visitors can connect with individuals from around the globe.

Mohamed, the winner of our November 2020 photo and blog contest, experienced just this, creating two strong friendships during his virtual internal medicine/nephrology clinical experience. Mohamed, a graduate of Cairo University, now studies for the USMLE with another visitor he met during his experience.

Read his winning entry below to learn how he found out about AMO and our virtual clinical experiences!

Strong Connections

I was looking for U.S. Clinical experience for a long time but didn’t know if I could do one until my USMLE preparation mentor shared a link to AMOpportunities on Facebook. Right then, I submitted an application for a virtual rotation in internal medicine/nephrology. Luckily, I got accepted, and the AMO Coaches helped me through the [enrollment] process until I started. Thanks to the AMO Coaches, especially coach Ashley.

I started my rotation in November 2020, and it was very useful. Dr. V was extraordinarily helpful and very friendly. We discussed nephrology cases five days a week for four weeks. We also shared many PowerPoint case presentations. Dr. V was supportive of us, and we discussed everything fully. During the final week. Dr. V allowed us to connect with some of her patients, and we saw how she reports notes on the computer. We also learned how to order labs for CKD patients.

During the experience, I made friends, including Dr. A. and Dr. F., who were both great. Dr. F. and I communicated a couple of times and decided to prepare for the Step 2 CK Exam together. It was a great opportunity to meet him.

It will not be my last rotation as I want to do more internal medicine/nephrology rotation in the coming future. Thanks again AMOpportunities, for giving me this opportunity to rotate while at home.

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