Sometimes making memories with friends is more valuable than making them alone. That was the message behind the discussion in AMO’s recent panel.

In case you missed it, AMOpportunities hosted a visitor panel last week to discuss the advantages of doing U.S. clinical experiences with friends or as part of a group of other international medical graduates.

The panel was hosted by AMO Advisor, Ryan, and AMO Coach Wanh. They were joined by AMO Ambassadors (and friends) Josue and Pedro, who rotated together in Chicago in early 2020.

Catch up on the full conversation below!


Benefits of Rotaing with a Friend

One of the main topics focused on during the panel were the benefits of rotationg with a friend. Both visiting panelists agreed that one of the biggest advantages that come to rotating with a friend is the help it provides in navigating a new country. Whether this comes from adjusting to a new routine or even just adjusting to new weather patterns, both Josue and Pedro acknowledged that being able to share skillsets (such as driving!) made navigating their time in the U.S. easier.

While Josue and Pedro had a friend already in Chicago to help them adjust to some of the surprises that might come in traveling to the U.S., Coach Wanh provided additional benefits that come with rotating with a friend for those that might not be so lucky to know someone in the city they’re rotating. One important example Coach Wanh pointed out might be over to look is living expenses. A friend provides the added benefit of being able to split housing costs or car costs, especially since you will be rotating to and from the clinical site on the same schedule.


Enjoyment from Rotating with Friends

Beyond the benefits, however, both Josue and Pedro discussed the joy they experienced being able to rotate with a friend. Pedro mentioned that rotating with a friend made it easier to branch out a meet new people outside of the clinic site. Meanwhile, both Josue and Pedro agreed that a major point of enjoyment was having someone to discuss what they would learn at the clinic site. Pedro mentioned these conversations allowed him to learn more deeply because the two of them were able to share knowledge and help each other problem-solve.


Watch the whole discussion on our YouTube channel.

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