When Covid-19 hit, finding clinical experiences became even more difficult. It was especially hard for international students and graduates to find in-person, U.S. clinical experiences. This prompted AMOpportunities to launch virtual rotations, which bring clinical experiences to you.

Our 2021 Rotation Giveaway runner-up winner, Thea, quickly learned that virtual rotations would make it possible for her to experience the U.S. healthcare system and to fully dive into it. Through her rotations, she was able to continue on her medical education journey and get a jump start on her career.

Read her AMO story below.

Virtual Rotations: A Career Launchpad

I did not know before if I wanted to be a doctor, but I have always had the passion to serve others. I graduated from medical school in a third-world country where the primary healthcare system is not as advanced in comparison to many first-world countries. People go to the hospital with already severe diseases which would have been prevented if detected early. I wanted to experience and see the difference in the United States’ health care system.

I had a hard time finding a clinical experience because of the pandemic until I discovered AMO. They were offering virtual clinical rotations all around the U.S., and they covered most medical fields. I tried a one-month rotation at a clinic in New York and my expectations were low since it was virtual; I thought we would just be watching doctors in their clinic. However, the doctor and the nurses there made us feel like we are still part of the medical team. They would call the patient while we are there and with the patient’s permission we listen to their history of present illness. After the call, they would ask us what is our opinion about the diagnostics and treatment. We would then write patient notes, which they checked and discussed with us at the end of the day. I loved how interactive they were in the clinic even though it was just a virtual experience. I learned a lot about the different medical practices and the diseases that are commonly diagnosed and treated within the U.S. I was now able to compare the approach with that of my current country, and it allowed me to appreciate how organized and more technologically advanced the health care system is. This made me appreciate my profession because you are able to focus more on your patient.

I got a letter of recommendation from the physician, which I will use for matching into a residency program in the U.S. As I am studying for the USMLE, I am also working as a medical scribe online in the US. I used my experience from the rotation I got through AMO to pass the interview. Thank you, AMO, for giving us IMGs clinical experiences that we can learn from to make us better equipped as future medical doctors.