Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to your clinical experience program. This is cause for celebration! It’s also reason enough to allow yourself to feel a little relief. However, before you rotate, there are still a few steps. Now that the fate of your clinical experience is out of other people’s hands, it’s time to take control and secure your seat.

Ensuring your seat is saved is as straightforward as submitting your payment. But what is the best timeline for submitting this payment? And what benefits come with paying it on time? These are great questions! Luckily, we cover that below.


The next step to your clinical experience

Once you’ve been accepted to your clinical experience, the next (and final) step is to reserve your seat. You can reserve your seat by either paying for your rotation in full or by submitting a down payment toward the cost of your rotation. Your down payment cost is dependent on the total cost of your program, but down payments start at $899.

If you reserve your seat with a down payment, the remainder of your program cost will be due no later than 45 days before your clinical experience start date. Your seat could be lost if full payment is not received 45 days in advance.

Why 45 days?

There is a lot to do to prepare for your clinical experience. This is especially true if you are traveling internationally for your U.S. clinical experience. Not only does reserving 45 days before your start date give you plenty of time to ensure you are ready to rotate on your first day, but it also gives you the full benefit of rotation through AMOpportunities.

By submitting your payment, you are able to begin the enrollment process for your program. This means you will be paired with one of AMO’s Coaches. Your Coach will provide support and be your point of contact before, during, and even after your rotation. The more time you have with your Coach, the more s/he will be able to answer your questions and learn about your needs. If you need help with securing a visa, travel, housing, and/or transportation, this 45-day window gives your Coach extra time to provide recommendations. It also helps ensure there is still availability before you leave.