At AMO our mission is to create educational equality by arranging U.S. clinical experiences (USCE) for international medical students and graduates (IMGs). These experiences are created through partnerships with U.S. physicians, institutions, and hospitals with the belief that IMGs play an important part in improving the U.S. healthcare system.  


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Clinical experiences are an essential step towards pursuing a career in the U.S. healthcare system, as discussed in our blog post here. These real-world experiences can cultivate valuable medical, professional, and communication skills. Such educational opportunities can also provide clinical knowledge and skills that may be useful when taking the USMLE Step 2 CK or CS.  

While most of our clinical experiences are four-weeks, or roughly one-month, long, we can work with you to create a longer experience should you need one. Our clinical experiences are offered year-round in various U.S cities and towns. These experiences are offered in 70+ medical specialties, including dentistry and nursing. No matter your interest, we have an experience for you! Over 3,000 medical trainees have completed a clinical experience with us. To find out how you can secure a clinical experience with us, continue reading below. 


Applying for Your Clinical Experience


    • Create a User Account

In order to apply for a clinical experience with AMO, you will need to create a user account. To create an account, click here. Creating an account allows you to explore and apply for over 700+ different experiences. Creating an account is completely free and takes only a few minutes.


    • Select an Experience

Once you have an account you can use our search platform to find your perfect program. You can use our filters to get rid of programs that don’t align with your needs and wants. Our filters allow you to explore experiences based on specialty, location, rotation type, and special features (which we like to call tags).

Need some tips on how to find the perfect experience? First, decide when you can rotate. This decision should be based on your availability and also consider our advice that individuals apply three months prior to a clinical experience. Once you determine when you would like to rotate you should consider choosing a specialty. The medical specialty you select may be based on your educational requirements or what specialty you would like to concentrate on during residency or another postgraduate medical education track. 

Please note that you may not be eligible for all clinical experiences listed. Both current international medical students and graduates are eligible for clinical experiences with AMO. Current medical students are eligible for hands-on clinical experiences or observership. Graduates are only eligible for observerships unless they have passed the USMLE Step 1, at which point a hand-on clinical experience becomes an option as well. 


    • Submit Your Application

Once you find a clinical experience that meets your need and interests, simply select the rotation start date and the type of experience you are applying to (i.e. observership or hands-on). Once a rotation and month are selected, a CV should be uploaded. In many cases, this is the only document needed to apply.  After uploading your CV, click the orange “Apply Now!” button. Some programs may require you to fill out other documents or pay a fee upfront. If this is the case, additional application requirements will be listed on the program page.


    • Await Approval

Once you hit apply and your application is submitted, it will be processed by AMO and/or the program you are applying to. For some programs, you will receive a notification if you have been accepted in as little as 48 hours. For other programs, the wait may be closer to two weeks. If accepted you will be notified via email. This email will include instructions on how to reserve your seat and begin the enrollment process. 


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Reserving Your Clinical Experience 

Fees for our four-week experiences start at $999 and increase from there based on the program selected. Specific program costs can be found on our search platform, which you can reach by logging in to your AMO account.

The fee listed covers physician costs and the processing of payments and documents. It does not include housing, meals, transportation/airfare, insurance, or visa fees. These are items that you must budget and plan for separately, although your AMO Coach may be able to provide some suggestions once you reserve your experience. 

Once accepted into your clinical experience you will be prompted to sign the clinical terms and submit a downpayment for your experience. Doing so will ensure that your seat is reserved and another student interested in your experience cannot take it.  reserve their seat. Downpayment to reserve clinical experiences start at $699 and increase based on the overall price of the experience. Once you are accepted into a clinical experience the reservation fee for that program will be available for you to view.  

 Fees must be paid in full at least 45 days prior to the clinical experience start date to avoid being charged a late fee. 


Enrolling and Preparing for Your Clinical Experience

Once you reserve your clinical experience we will match you with an AMO Coach. This individual will assist them with enrolling and preparing for their time in the U.S. This coach can also offer suggestions for finding housing, transportation, and insurance through companies that AMO has partnered with. 


Have questions or need help creating an account and applying for an experience? 

Our AMO advisors are here to support you! Send them your questions by emailing