At AMO our mission is to create educational equity by arranging clinical rotations for international medical students and graduates. These rotations are created through partnerships with U.S. physicians, institutions, and hospitals with the belief that IMGs play an important part in improving the U.S. healthcare system.  

Clinical rotations are an essential step towards pursuing a career in the U.S. healthcare system as they are real-world experiences that can cultivate medical, professional, and communication skills. These educational opportunities can also provide clinical knowledge and skills that may be useful when taking the USMLE Step 2 CK and CS.  

AMO arranges month-long rotations year-round in various U.S cities and towns.  Over 2,600 students and counting have completed rotations with AMO across 40-plus medical specialties and subspecialties.  

Choosing a Rotation 

Both current international medical students and graduates are eligible for rotations with AMO. Current medical students are only eligible for hands-on rotations. Graduates are eligible for observerships unless they have passed the USMLE Step 1, at which point a hand-on rotation becomes an option as well. 

After determining what type of rotation an individual is eligible for, the rotation specialty and month should be considered. Rotations generally last four weeks, however, in some cases they may be shortened or lengthened to meet individual needs. This type of flexibility is subject to physician availability and the number of spots open for a rotation. Applying at least three months in advance is the best practice to ensure requirements are met and the rotation experience can be properly planned. 

Applying for a Rotation 

The first step in applying for a rotation is creating a user account at Creating this account allows users to explore and apply for rotations that fit their unique needs. Once a rotation and month are selected, a CV should be uploaded. In many cases, this is the only document needed to apply.   

Once an application is submitted, it is processed by AMO. This may take as few as 24 business hours. In some cases, however, applications are sent out to be reviewed by the physician or host supervising the rotation. In these cases, the processing time may be at least five days.  

Paying for the Rotation 

Experience fees for rotations range from $999 to $4,199 for the standard four-weeks. This fee covers physician costs and the processing of payments and documents. It does not include housing, meals, transportation/airfare, insurance, or visa fees.  

Once an individual is accepted into a rotation, they will be prompted to sign the clinical terms and reserve their rotation. Reserving requires the individual to submit a down payment of $699. Paying for the rotation in full at this time is also an option. Reserving the rotation ensures another student interested in the same rotation experience cannot book it.  

Rotation fees must be paid in full at least 45 days prior to the rotation start date to avoid being charged a late fee. 

Enrolling and Preparing for the Rotation 

Once a rotation spot is reserved, the individual is matched with an AMO visitor experience coach who will assist with enrolling and preparing for their time in the U.S. This coach can also offer suggestions for finding housing, transportation, and insurance through companies that AMO has partnered with. 

If you are interested in starting the application process and completing a rotation in the U.S. with AMO, click here to apply today!