The timeline to apply for the 2023 Match is quickly shortening. Keep reading for our breakdown of everything you need to know about the final two months of the ERAS Match application timeline.

If you plan on applying for the 2024 Match, check out a quick overview of your timeline, and come back after the 2023 Match season for more.


The (Remaining) ERAS Match Application Timeline

August 1 – The Supplemental ERAS Application Opens

Starting this month (August), the Supplemental ERAS Application period opens. This allows applicants to provide more information about themselves that will help them stand out to residency directors. If you choose to fill out a supplemental application you will be able to fill out geographic information, relevant work, volunteer, and research experience, and select your preference signaling.

The supplement application is free and optional. However, it is only available to applicants of 16 specialties.


September 7 – ERAS Residency Application Period Opens

This is the first day you can begin submitting your ERAS application to residency programs. All applications submitted throughout the three-week submission period will be dated September 28. Programs will not be able to access applications until the 28th.


September 15 – The NRMP 2023 Match Cycle Registration Period Opens

The NRMP is a separate organization from ERAS. However, it is an equally important part of the Match process and requires its own registration.

ERAS is the system where applicants build their applications. NRMP is the main Match portal where related communication takes place.

To register for the NRMP, click here.


September 16 – The Supplemental ERAS Application Deadline

With just under two weeks before the ERAS application deadline, the supplemental application closes. This will be the last day to preference signal your top programs.


September 28 – Submit Your Application

September 28 is the final date to submit ERAS applications for the 2023 Match. This is also the first day residency programs will be able to begin reviewing applications. All applications submitted throughout the submission period will be dated September 28, which creates a level playing field and allows applicants time to collect all application materials.

An important note: While the application deadline is September 28, ERAS recommends having letters of recommendation uploaded by September 21 to ensure they are uploaded by the application deadline.


For more information, and to learn more about the steps following your submitted application, visit the ERAS website.