If you’re a student or a recent graduate looking to enter the healthcare or medical education industries, consider launching your career with a healthcare internship at AMOpportunities!

We get that internships have a bad reputation, but they are also critical to any young professional’s career. That’s why we’ve built our internships differently.

AMO interns jump into the real-world operations of a growing tech startup. As a company with a global audience, your work gives you a global perspective on the healthcare industry.

Keep reading to learn more about what interning is like at AMO


Adapting to a Changing Work World

The last few years have changed how working life operates. As a result, AMO has made sure our working conditions best reflect the interests of our team. This means that all of our internships have the option to work fully remotely. However, we also have an office in downtown Chicago where interns have the option to work out of as many days per week as they choose.

In the spirit of valuing our employees, we pride ourselves on maintaining a level of organizational transparency. This is true of our promotion process, so even as an intern, there are opportunities to grow within AMO.

Additionally, our internships are also paid, so not only are you building real-world experience, you’re being properly compensated for your contributions.

AMO Internships According to AMO Interns

How do current and previous AMO interns feel about their experience? Check out what they’ve had to say below!


How has your AMO internship helped your career?

“This internship has allowed me to begin to work with technologies I would never [have had the opportunity to] go near in the classroom, further preparing me for real-world scenarios in any field.” – Tim, IT Data Analytics Intern ’22

“Being introduced to new tools and software pushed me to ask questions and learn more.” – Rachel, Customer Success Intern ’22

“I got familiar with many software programs used universally and I learned a lot about professionalism from observing [my supervisor] and [working with] our partners” – Nick, Partnerships Intern ’21-’22


What is your favorite part of being a member of the AMO team?

“The culture at AMO is very welcoming! I had the opportunity to express my interest in other departments and was able to learn more about the other responsibilities of the AMO team” – Shreya, Programs Intern ’22

“I love how friendly and inclusive everyone is. People were very excited about even the littlest of details I shared. It was clear the people here are truly one big team of friends who care about each other.” – Nick, Partnerships Intern ’21-’22


What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at AMO?

“The most rewarding project that I have been working on is the visitor document coordination. I get to organize and review documents sent in by visitors. I scan over the documents for errors and ensure that everything is completed.” – Rachel, Customer Success Intern ’22

“I’ve worked on emailing doctors to confirm their rotation start dates and their COVID-19 testing requirements, and updating program names for consistency. My favorite project has been updating program names and requirements.” – Shreya, Programs Intern ’22


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