Choosing a U.S. clinical experience comes with a lot of decisions:

Which specialty will you choose? Will you rotate in-person or virtually? What type of letterhead will your LoR be written on? Do you need hospital experience or clinic experience? What about the timing–can you rotate in a few months or are you needing to cram in one last USCE before your Match application is due?

Okay, that’s a lot of questions. And while some of them may be easier to answer than others, one thing is clear: none of them are about you.

So: how do you put the “you” back in USCE? Clinical experience providers–like AMOpportunities–are great for giving you choices in your clinical experiences. If you’ve never used AMOpportunities before, what you’ll find is a platform of more than 270 clinical experiences across the United States.

These sites offer you guaranteed placement with an approved application, which gives you more choices in the type of experience you have.

Instead, decide on your U.S. clinical experience rotation with questions like:

What type of weather do I want to experience? Which types of food do I want to try? What sights do I want to see? Can I do anything outside the clinic? What regional cultures do I want to experience?


Let’s break down some of these questions and help you find the right program for you on the AMO platform.


Finding the Right U.S. Clinical Experience

Food: Barbecue vs. Vegetarian

Each region of the U.S. has a style of food that best represents it, and in the South, well, it’s hard to argue that food is anything other than Barbecue. But Barbecue is a meat-heavy cuisine and not everyone eats meat.

Enter: vegetarian food. While not a regional cuisine, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are rapidly growing in popularity. Especially in Southern California.

So which will you choose?




Nightlife vs. Rural

Many IMGs choose to practice in rural areas, which means rotating in rural areas can be important exposure.

But sometimes, a trip to the U.S. includes having a little fun while you’re here.

Either way, there’s a program for you:




East vs. West

One of the biggest debates in the U.S. is which coast is best. While arguments are strong for both the East and the West, let’s not forget about the ocean-like coast of the Great Lakes. We’ll argue there’s a third coast to add to the debate…



Great Lakes


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