Sometimes everything aligns for the perfect trip. While traveling for her U.S. clinical experience on Long Island, it happened to be the holiday season. This meant Jisha was able to visit Manhattan while it was dressed up in lights–arguably one of the best times to be in New York City! But it wouldn’t be a true holiday season without family. During her time in the U.S., Jisha was also able to visit distant family in Detroit, Michigan. An indescribable experience, as Jisha calls it.

Although the opportunity to do a U.S. clinical experience can be transformative–and there’s no doubt from Jisha’s story that hers is–sometimes there’s opportunity outside the clinic, too.


Holidays and Family

My journey with AMO started in 2018 November. It was my first time in the U.S., but I had heard a lot about the country’s healthcare work environment as a few of my college friends had done U.S. clinical experience. Now that it was my turn, I wanted to experience everything on my own, so my friend recommended AMO to me. Within no time, everything was prepared for me to rotate. It’s so simple and easy.

However, as I was going to the U.S., I was initially scared. How things will be? How will I manage everything? How will the staff be? The doctor I was going to work under? But everything turned out more than perfect. The doctor was extremely helpful, and the staff was super friendly and accommodating. I gained an extreme amount of knowledge from everyone.

The doctor increased my clinical knowledge of most of the procedures and how they are performed in the United States. He not only helped me with work but other things as well as helping me travel from work or my accommodation. He was simply an amazing human. I was on Long Island and Manhattan was not far away. I was longing to see it, and even the staff helped me with that too.

I rotated during the holiday season, so when I went to Manhattan, I saw the whole place lit up in lights. The whole scene was sooo mesmerizing. I had an amazing experience of everything: my doctor, my stay in the U.S, and the chance to make lovely friends. And it all happened thanks to AMO. I would definitely rotate again through them.

I would like to add one more experience:

My grandmother’s real sister lives in Detroit. Because of my rotation, after 25 years I was finally able to meet her. She is my cousin’s grandma, and the meeting was extremely emotional. Some experiences cannot be described in words and my rotation in New York ( Long Island) is one of them. This rotation helped me clear out some mind clouds I had to start my journey to the U.S. I made up my mind that this is the place for me and I want to work here .

Thank you AMO for this wonderful experience.