Deciding to do a U.S. clinical rotation is a major step for any medical trainee. Securing a visa and finding housing and transportation can be long processes. Even just finding the time can be a hurdle for trainees balancing school and life.

With so much to balance, it can be tempting to push off a U.S. clinical experience. But delaying your USCE can be a slippery slope that can have consequences down the line.

Check out our top reasons for reserving your next USCE in advance can help propel your medical career.


1) Ensure Availability

Great news! You’ve found the perfect clinical rotation. However, you’re feeling a little hesitant about making such a big decision so soon. That’s totally understandable!

While waiting to apply to and reserve your rotation until you are completely ready may feel better, the chance of seats filling or the preceptor pausing availability is always a risk.

The good news is, many clinical sites can be applied to and reserved months in advance. Simply pay the deposit to a program you’ve been accepted into and you can secure your seat now while you sort housing, transportation, or visa needs.

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2) Meet Your Goals On Time

Reserving your rotations in advance also gives you more control over when and where you rotate. This allows you to plan your rotations with your education goals.

For example, if you plan to take USMLE Step 2 after your third year of school, reserving your rotations in advance lets you plan those rotations around your test date.


3) Support is Available

One of the biggest reasons you may wait to reserve your rotation is that your visa, housing, or transportation details are not figured out yet. These are important details, and they are often the most difficult and time-consuming to sort out.

While it might make sense to wait to reserve until these details are figured out, with AMO reserving your U.S. clinical rotation gives you access to a personal support coach who will work with you to figure out these details.

Your coach is your main point of support before, during, and after your rotation for questions related to housing, LoRs, and even visa assistance. However, you will not be assigned a coach until your program is reserved.


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