Your last chance to register for the 2023 NRMP Residency Match and SOAP is just two weeks away. The NRMP registration deadline is January 31, 2023, with ranking opening the next day.

Whether you are already registered or plan to do so within the next two weeks, check out some of our resources for ways you can still find success on this year’s Match.

Check out other important upcoming NRMP dates, here.


Take Advantage of SOAP

While you may have registered for the Match well ahead of the NRMP’s registration deadline, you may not have registered for  SOAP. SOAP is a second chance for unmatched applicants to Match into unfilled residency positions.

While SOAP is only available for some specialties, it has grown to include more specialties in recent years. If you have not registered for SOAP, doing so can help ensure you find a residency spot this year.

Learn more about SOAP in our blog post “What is SOAP? (Almost) everything you need to know


Rank Specialties Friendly to Your Applicant Type

Different applicant types have varying success matching into specific specialties. While this is something to keep in mind throughout the application process if you interviewed in a wide variety of specialties, you may consider ranking based on which specialties applicants similar to you have found success.

Whether an IMG, DO, senior, or grad applicant, you can find ranking odds on previous years’ Match results. Here is the 2022 Match results from the NRMP.

Read more about the importance of understanding applicant-friendly Match data, and other questions to consider ahead of ranking, in our blog “Five questions to ask when preparing for residency


Don’t Be Afraid of Not Matching

We know that not matching is less than an ideal outcome. We also know that not matching can feel like all the hard work over the last few years was for nothing.

But, there is no reason to worry about not matching. Mostly because Match week is still more than a month away. And, secondly, because there are plenty of paths forward to find success on a future Match.

Check out a couple of resources on what to do if you don’t match this year: