We’re always excited to hear when an AMO trainee goes on to meet their goal of matching into residency. On the Match 2023, we heard from a lot of past AMO trainees who matched in 2023 about the ways their AMO rotations helped them reach those goals. Meet some of the trainees we heard from below!

Match 2023: Avanthika

Match 2023: Avathika

What she had to say:

I loved my pediatric rotation at Chicago (via AMO), I got great inpatient and outpatient exposure and had a really sweet preceptor who was also a neonatologist!

What she’s looking forward to:

I am very excited to move to NYC and having matched to my top program is a dream come true for me! My future goal is to be a neonatologist.


Match 2023: Thant

Match 2023: Thant

What Thant loved about his rotation:

I invested in doing a one-month virtual rotation back in June 2022. Even though it was virtual, there was nothing short of an in-person rotation. There was a nurse who held a phone showing patients to us room by room every day. We got to hear each and every bits of conversation between patients and doctors. Every now-and-then, we got to talk with patients. We were assigned three or four patients per week. We could submit what we’d learned to a weekly assessment sheet, but this was not mandatory…In a nutshell, every experience I earned during my virtual observation was worth its weight in gold.

What he’s looking forward to:

At this moment, I’m interested in consultation and liaison psychiatry.


Match 2023: Sean

Match 2023: Sean

What Sean had to say about his rotation:

The team I worked with was amazing! The nurses, the physicians, and the medical assistants were welcoming and were always ready to help me learn!

What’s next:

Move back to the US to start my four years of residency! Hopefully, after residency, I’ll enter into a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.