Physicians specialize, which makes collaboration throughout a patient’s course of care important. Our May Photo and Blog Contest winner, Anna, saw this multidisciplinary approach all from right within her clinical site.

Read her full story below!

Multidisciplinary Medicine

As an international medical graduate, it can be challenging to navigate the healthcare system in the United States. However, during my clinical rotation in a pain management clinic, I had the opportunity to learn from experienced healthcare professionals and gain valuable insight into the American healthcare system.

Initially, I was nervous about my ability to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues, given the differences in language and culture. However, I quickly discovered that the pain management team was incredibly supportive and welcoming. They understood the challenges that international medical graduates face and provided me with the necessary resources and guidance to succeed in the rotation.

During my rotation, I observed and assisted in a wide range of pain management interventions, including medication management, and interventional procedures such as nerve blocks and epidurals. The pain management team also emphasized the importance of patient-centered care and taking a holistic approach to pain management.

I was impressed by the multidisciplinary approach of the pain management team and how they collaborated with other healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, primary care physicians, and psychologists, to provide comprehensive care to patients.

Additionally, I learned about the unique challenges that pain management clinics face, including managing opioid use and addressing patients’ concerns about addiction and dependence. I was impressed by the pain management team’s commitment to providing evidence-based interventions while also addressing patients’ concerns and promoting safe and effective pain management. Also, after the daily shifts or over the weekends, I explored Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles and found delicious food and great scenery.

In conclusion, my clinical rotation was an enriching experience. I gained valuable insight into the American healthcare system and learned from experienced healthcare professionals. Additionally, I had the opportunity to observe and participate in various pain management interventions and witness the positive impact they can have on patients’ lives. I am grateful for this experience, and it has inspired me to continue to learn and grow as a healthcare professional.


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