For medical schools, PA programs, and nursing schools, the clinical and practicum site shortage has led to difficulty accessing the necessary training students need to graduate on time and enter the workforce. It has also made last-minute physician cancellations or changes difficult to predict and plan for.

Access to an extended network of clinical sites, such as those on AMOpportunities‘ platform, that supports a school’s current site availability can help provide a pool of programs to choose from as needed. However, often by the time schools realize they need to access these sites, they are choosing from a smaller pool.

That’s why reserving sites long-term, where a site need can be predicted, has benefits for both schools and students. Check out three advantages for reserving sites long-term.


Be Better Prepared for Physician Cancellations

Because AMO works directly with clinical partners, schedule and availability changes are regularly communicated by physicians to our team–typically well in advance of the changes going into effect.

When you reserve clinical sites in advance, these changes are communicated to your school’s coordinators. This gives your team time to organize a replacement site, work with AMO to identify other sites within our network that meet your school’s curriculum needs, or take advantage of AMO’s recruitment infrastructure to onboard a new site.


Access High-Demand Specialties

One of the biggest consequences of the physician shortage is felt is in accessing high-demand specialties such as pediatrics, psychiatry, and women’s health.

While AMO’s platform provides partner’s access to all 300+ programs, these programs are also utilized by other partners and individual students. Typically the first to go? High-demand, core specialties.

Reserving high-demand specialties in advance ensures not only that you’ll have the largest option of sites to choose from, but it will ensure you have rotations in these specialties available when students are ready to rotate.


Reduce Coordinators’ Administrative Load

When partner schools reserve their students’ rotations through AMO, they benefit from a network of resources designed to reduce the administrative burden on their coordinators. This begins with AMO’s software platform that enables tracking student progress from application through the rotation.

A designated team of coordinators also supports your coordinators with document collection, communication with clinical sites, and student logistics.

Reserving your sites in long-term allows our support team to prepare early and stay in communication with your coordinators, which gives your coordinators long-term access to administrative support.


Learn more about partnering with AMO to expand your clinical sites network by connecting with our partnership team at