As future physicians, we learn about and practice providing quality patient care. Developing our bedside manner is a huge component of clinical rotations. We put what we learn into practice, but we also get to observe full-time physicians providing their bedside manner.

What Bryan discovered during his clinical rotation, however, is that sometime kindness goes beyond the patient and becomes a part of the clinic’s working philosophy.

Read about what made Bryan’s clinical experience so great in his own words:

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Kindness Beyond Patient Care

August 2023 marked the commencement of my in-person journey along the arduous path of applying to practice medicine in the United States, particularly in acquiring clinical experience. It was my first time in the U.S., and my first time navigating the language, so naturally, I was nervous yet eager to learn. I held many expectations, and I can confidently say that they were not disappointed

The experience proved to be unique and incomparable to anything I had encountered before.

My mentor, Dr. S, was not only an excellent preceptor but also became a dear friend. His support eased my adaptation to this new life, providing me with confidence, friendship, and invaluable advice. I’ll never forget when he invited me to dine with his hospital team on the first day of my rotation.

Coming from Peru, the stark contrast in the healthcare system and the kindness of the U.S. medical staff was astonishing to me. My rotation with Dr. S and the pulmonary team was both interactive and enjoyable. I had the opportunity to examine patients, witness procedures such as bronchoscopies and thoracenteses, conduct spirometry tests, and observe office and hospital consults. What amazed me further was the comprehensive care his office provided, with the capability to conduct spirometry, imaging, and sleep studies all in one place. I certainly learned a lot from him! He is a highly intelligent pulmonologist and an expert in software design, to the extent that he is currently developing new tools for improved identification of chronic obstructive diseases

The office staff were a delight, making me feel at home with their kindness, tolerance, and sense of humor. What I initially thought would be a single office rotation expanded to include three different offices of the Florida Lung Asthma Sleep Specialists outpatient clinics, and two Hospitals from the Advent Health network, thanks to Dr. S’s generosity

this enabled me to interact with various medical professionals, including smart physicians and nurses within the pulmonary team.

There were instances when I couldn’t rotate with Dr. S due to distance, allowing me to work with some of his colleagues in closer offices or hospitals. This allowed me to witness different medical management styles, broadening my knowledge beyond pulmonary care to include ICU rotations where I particularly LOVED my experiences during rounds in ICU with Dr. C -one of Dr. S colleagues- whose very interactive rounds involved not only making questions and teaching me but also to the nurses, pharmacy students, and more…It was a beautiful experience to discuss intriguing cases as a whole team.

During my time in Orlando, I not only gained invaluable clinical experience but also explored the city’s distinctive roads, streets, vegetation, and climate, which were a stark contrast to my home country. Although I’m not particularly fond of hot weather, I quickly adapted. In my free time, I took the opportunity to explore the city, visiting Animal Kingdom and EPCOT, where I had a blast despite the sweltering heat and extensive walking. I also ventured to malls and a cinema in Disney Springs, where I could recline the seats and order food right to my seat—undeniably a fantastic experience!

Lastly, during the cooler mornings, I seized the chance to bike around the beautiful city of Orlando to maintain my health and relive the joy of cycling, which I hadn’t done in a long time. What better place to do it than in such a picturesque city?

In conclusion, my Orlando experience has been nothing short of incredible, making every moment of my stay here absolutely worthwhile. It has also played a significant role in helping me determine the fellowship I aspire to pursue in the future: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine!


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