Congratulations to Sophio, AMO’s October 2023 Photo and Blog Contest Winner. Read Sophio’s write up about her cardiology rotation in Chicago:


Cardiology Rotation in Chicago

AMO gave me the incredible opportunity to attend a cardiology observership program at the University of Illinois Hospital Care Center in Chicago. I patiently collected all the necessary documents for six months, and finally my application was enrolled. I visited UIC in October 2023. I couldn’t have done this without my coach, who was constantly involved in the process, answering questions, sending me emails and links, and giving me instructions the whole time.

It was very interesting for me to get to know the American healthcare system. It was also very important to see the structure of the clinic, medical education, and patients’ management. Even seemingly small details were very entrancing to me because I was comparing a similar situation in my country. I will consider many things in my future practical work.

I would also like to mention the friendliness of the staff.

They always smiled and were ready to answer questions. They constantly reviewed patient data, had discussions, reasoned answers to questions, and shared their experiences with each other. Here, you learn more and grow professionally every day. Despite their busy schedules, they always found time to offer help. The morning conferences and rounds with fellows and attendings were like a lesson, and all planned steps were supported by arguments. I first saw here the Impella percutaneous heart pump in a post STEMI patient with cardiogenic shock.

Also during this period, I had the opportunity to attend the 6th annual symposium: Heart to Heart, Cardiology updates for the primary care & hospital medicine provider. This symposium covered such topics as preventive cardiology, heart failure, special populations, coronary artery disease, structural heart disease, and electrophysiology. It was truly an honor for me to hear the latest data and presentations from such senior professionals.

I would recommend everyone to participate in the AMO rotation

It is real, and from the first minute to the end, experienced coaches and medical personnel stand by your side. You will gain great experience both medically and by discovering other abilities that you did not see in yourself before. I think this rotation made me stronger and showed me what I want in the future