As an International Medical Graduate with an aspiration to integrate into the esteemed U.S. medical system, achieving this goal may at times seem like a distant, unattainable dream. However, the realization dawned upon me that sometimes all it takes is the opening of a single door.

This past month marked a pivotal moment in my journey—a door that I summoned the courage to approach. Stepping through the doors of Pacific Pain Management Clinic and encountering Dr. B. initiated a new chapter in my professional life. Dr. B.’s commitment to education and mentorship extends beyond the realms of medicine; it encompasses instilling a profound sense of dignity in patient care. His guidance delves into understanding often overlooked facets of pain, imparting knowledge to patients, elucidating their conditions, and emphasizing the significance of being a comprehensive and decisive physician.

Witnessing the transformative impact of pain management on countless lives was awe-inspiring. The restoration of quality of life, enabling individuals to resume work and provide for their families, exemplifies the positive outcomes achievable through a multidisciplinary approach. Dr. B.’s role transcends that of a mere teacher–he embodies the essence of a mentor. The entire team, with their open arms and genuine warmth, fosters an environment that captivates and enamors one with the field of pain management.

Every aspiring physician should experience a rotation in this medical domain. Chronic pain is an ever-present concern in our daily consultations, and it is our responsibility as medical professionals to be well-versed in the array of options available to enhance the lives of our patients.

Therefore, let this be a call to action: rise early, shoulder responsibility, go the extra mile, and strive to be the finest student and future doctor imaginable. When the moment arrives for you to stand before a patient, armed with the knowledge acquired, you will be able to contribute to their healing, alleviate suffering, and aid in their recovery. May you, in turn, become the first open door for someone seeking solace and guidance on their medical journey.


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