Clinical rotations can be about so much more than learning and experiencing the healthcare system. And, often, the best rotations are!

That’s what Milton discovered during his cardiology rotation. Beyond learning procedures that provide care to people, Milton also learned from his preceptor about caring for people and how to use your dream to inspire your way through barriers.

Read what Milton had to say about his rotation!

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A Dream Cardiology Rotation

Some records of the moments I lived during my rotation month…

For me, January 2024 will forever be remembered in a very special way. Having the opportunity to take this course in New York City alongside one of the best cardiologists in the state is something that, without a doubt, I never imagined could one day happen. But that day has arrived.

Accompanying Dr. SJ and his assistant doctors, Dr. C and Dr. M was something that no words can describe! Dr. SJ is one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. Apart from his phenomenal knowledge, the love he has for his profession and the care he takes with each patient made me admire him even more. He clearly has a love for teaching and caring for the people he has by his side.

The knowledge I learned alongside him this month went far beyond echos, EKGs or NSTs–I also learned how to live my purpose, to listen to each patient in a particular way and provide care in the best way possible.

Dr. SJ also has an incredible life story, as he was one of the first black cardiologists in the country. He showed me that no obstacle is greater than our dream. Thank you Dr. SJ, AMO and the team for this opportunity.

In addition to the incredible course, I got to know New York and love the city even more!