In the fall of 2023, the U.S. Department of Education released new regulations around clinical training requirements for healthcare education institutions providing rotations for their students. These regulations are now set to go into effect in July 2024, just ahead of the 2024-2025 academic year, adding additional pressure on healthcare schools already facing a shortage of clinical sites for their students.

According to the policy, which can be read in full here, among these regulations is a 45-day window to inform students upon the completion of coursework about their clinical training site and that sites must be geographically accessible to those students.

While larger programs with more developed clinical campuses may be able to navigate these new regulations with relatively minor obstacles, smaller programs, pre-accreditation programs, online programs, or programs with a rural training focus are likely to bear the brunt of these changes due to their distances from training sites or the sprawl of their student bodies.

If your school is facing uncertainty with the onset of these new regulations around the corner, here are three ways AMOpportunities’ clinical training services could support you.


Clinical Campus Development

Schools and programs in the pre-accreditation stage, or those looking to expand their program’s footprint regionally or nationally, benefit from AMO’s Clinical Campus Development service. AMO’s recruitment team takes the administrative load off a school’s coordinators but collaborates closely with them to tailor recruitment efforts to each school’s unique needs.

Through this close collaboration, we:

  • Recruit sites that meet your curricular standards and align with your accrediting board requirements
  • Streamline the contracting and on-boarding process
  • Provide free access to AMO’s admin platform for centralized student tracking


Clinical Site Recruitment Services

For schools struggling to maintain robust preceptor networks, AMO’s individual site recruitment services may be a better fit than developing an entire clinical campus.

AMO began developing partnerships with clinical sites to support individual students looking for clinical training opportunities. Since 2019, our clinical site recruitment team has been at work with medical, PA, and nursing partners to provide a streamlined approach to adding preceptors and sites to their clinical offerings.

With a team that spans legal, clinical education, data and medical expertise, AMO’s recruitment infrastructure can support or lead your site recruitment efforts through:

  • Dedicated initial outreach and hand-off processes–sites are part of your institution’s offerings, not AMO’s.
  • Access to medical education expertise, including contracting, affiliation agreement, insurance, and strategic guidance.
  • Detailed and customizable reporting to track ROI and outreach efficacy metrics.


Access to a National Clinical Site Network

Whether faced with last-minute cancellations or gaps in specialty availability, partnering with AMO also provides your program with access to clinical sites on an as-needed basis. With over 400 sites, AMO’s team works with your school’s coordinators to identify needs and provide a list of available programs within your geographic range or specialty need.

Given the uncertainty the DoE’s new regulations will bring, this arrangement provides programs of all sizes with the security they need to face what could be a shifting and irregular availability of clinical sites.

Ensure your school is ready to meet new DoE regulations with access to clinical sites where and when you need them. Click here to connect with the AMO team and get started.