It is widely reported that the United States will experience a severe shortage of medical physicians in the coming years. However, this shortage goes well beyond the medical field, encompassing the dental field as well.

According to the Dental Tribune, demographic changes in the United States have led to a severe shortage of dentists throughout the nation. Based on a dental workforce data report, the United States will have a shortage of 15,600 dentists by the year 2025. According to the report, California, Florida, and New York are expected to experience the greatest shortfall in the number of dentists in 2025 with a deficit of 1,000 dental professionals.

With such a shortage of dental professionals, the United States will rely on bringing in foreign dental graduates to help alleviate the pressure. Foreign graduates are vital to filling the gaps within the United States healthcare system, not only serving areas in severe need but also lending tremendous knowledge and support to the medical and dental professions as a whole.

AMOpportunities provides opportunities for foreign dental graduates to complete observerships and rotations in the United States clinical setting before deciding to complete a residency in the U.S. Coming to the United States through AMOpportunities is a good first-step introduction to working in an American dental community.

Check out our dental opportunities and apply for yours today:

Tampa, Florida

When completing a dentistry rotation in Tampa at the University of Florida, visitors can expect to observe a wide variety of procedures from surgical placement to restorative phases of dental implants, CT scan imagining and planning, CAD CAM design and fabrication of dental restorations, intraoral scanning, digital impressions with CAD CAM technology, and digital design of restorations. It is important to note, though, that inpatient exposure will be dependent on patient load.

Sherman Oaks, California

With this observation, visitors will work with a dentist based about an hour outside of Los Angeles in Sherman Oaks, California. Visitors will see about 20-30 patients each day and learn about dental implants and all related procedures for implants and mouth rehabilitation. Through this experience, visitors will learn how to take and interpret medical histories, interpret lab studies and other techniques in the diagnosis of oral and systemic disease, and understand the relationship between oral health and systemic disease. Over the four weeks, visitors will have the opportunity to attend a set of 15 different lectures related to various aspects of dentistry.

Des Plaines, Illinois

For visitors hoping to focus on oral and maxillofacial surgery, this rotation, located about 45 minutes outside of Chicago in Des Plaines, Illinois, provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Visitors can expect to learn how to treat patients with facial pain and severe headaches as well as pathology patients. Procedures performed may include dental implants, biopsy and management of tumors, orthognathic surgery, oral and maxillofacial reconstruction. Depending on patient load and schedule, inpatient exposure may be available. Be sure to exchange contact information with the physician for possible off-hour calls.

Palatine, Illinois

This clinical program includes four weeks of didactic learning with hands-on experience in dentistry. Visitors will rotate with the host physician according to their weekly schedule. Letters of recommendation based on merit are available for visitors upon completion of the program.

Chicago, Illinois

Located in the famed Windy City and home to AMOpportunities headquarters, this clinical program includes four weeks of didactic learning with hands-on dentistry experience for students. Visitors will rotate with the host physician according to their weekly schedule. The clinic offers the latest technologies, including ultra-low radiation digital imaging, laser therapy and procedures, implant restoration, oral cancer exams with regular exams, snore appliances, cosmetic services such as whitening and veneers, and expertise in oral surgeries. Letters of recommendation based on merit are available for visitors upon completion of the program.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When completing this rotation with a dentist at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, visitors will see approximately 25 patients a day. The clinic specializes in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry with patients coming from diverse ethnic, gender, and chronological patient populations. Visitors will see all phases of prosthodontics and restorative dentistry, including laboratory work from the in-house laboratory. Conditions treated include restoring missing and damaged teeth and oral structures. Procedures performed include: crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, inlays, onlays, veneers, bone grafts, root canal therapy, implant surgery and placement, and laboratory procedures. Visitors will have the opportunity to work closely with the medical team and practice staff to learn how a prosthodontic practice is run as well as proper patient interactions. Public transportation is available. Additional languages spoken include English and French.

With a wide variety of clinical experiences within the field of dentistry, AMOpportunities gives visitors the flexibility to choose the right experience and provides proper guidance along the way. Completing a U.S. clinical experience lays the groundwork for an eventual residency within the American healthcare system, which is in desperate need of foreign medical graduates to help alleviate a pending dentist shortage in the nation.

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