1849. A historic year for female physicians as Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman ever to become a physician.  Her efforts blazed the way for women all throughout the country to pursue their medical dreams and take on leadership roles as physicians.

This past week, February 3rd, marked what would have been Dr. Blackwell’s 196th birthday and a celebration of female doctors for the second celebration of National Women Physicians Day. Today, women make up half of all medical school classes, a drastic shift even from the 1970’s and 1980’s where one to three women were seen inside medical classes.

As medicine moves forward, so too does the need for more success and equality for women physicians. One day all girls ought to look up to female physicians in the profession with pride—in the same way physicians then and now look to Dr.Elizabeth Blackwell and say “thanks.”

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The original article published on Courier Journal: Celebrate National Women Physician Day

AMO is grateful to all our female host physicians as well as female visitors all throughout the world that have chosen medicine. We celebrate you.