Globalizing medical education creates new, dynamic, and exciting opportunities for medical schools to stand out in a large-scale market.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance for an international approach to medical education and care has been clear.

However, as medical education expands, it is also an opportunity for medical schools to innovative ways of diversifying enrollment and enhancing their brand footprint. Within a globalizing medical education community, companies like AMOpportunities (AMO) emerge as an means for schools looking to diversify their student body while retaining support for their operational infrastructure.


1. Elevating Educational Excellence

AMO’s partnerships with leading U.S. health systems, hospitals, and clinicians gives schools an expansive platform of programs to utilize as clinical training sites. Direct affiliation agreements between schools and teaching sites, provides schools with an expanded clinical experience network that folds seamlessly into medical school curricula, enriching students’ learning journeys with exposure to the intricacies of the U.S. healthcare system.

This not only increases the quality of education but also provides students opportunities to learn in the locations and specialties they are considering careers, giving your current and future students a leg up as they begin exploring long-term goals.

2. Global Footprint Expansion

AMOpportunities began by working with global medical students, but has now made an impact supporting medical schools both in the U.S. and abroad. This wide audience gives medical school partners a chance to expand their brand footprint both nationally (by utilizing clinical sites in new-to-them regions of the U.S.) or globally (through collaboration with international medical schools and students).

Through programs conducted with prestigious U.S. hospitals and universities, schools can extend their reach and establish a presence in the global medical community. This not only elevates the institution’s reputation but also paves the way for valuable networking opportunities, research collaborations, and participation in global conferences.

3. Tailored Programs for Success

AMO’s commitment to flexibility and customization ensures that programs align seamlessly with the unique needs of each medical school. Designated coordinators that work closely with schools’ clinical coordinators ensures that schools only utilize sites that meet their curricular standards, accreditation requirements, and student preferences. Individual student support handles logistics, allowing students to experience clinical rotations that fold uninterrupted into university’s student experience.

The array of specialties offered allows institutions to tailor experiences according to their curriculum requirements and students’ career interests, maintaining a high standard of education that adapts to the evolving healthcare landscape.


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