Every month, AMO has the privilege of hearing our visitors’ stories. When they share their experiences, our visitors have the opportunity to enter our Photo and Blog Contest. Their stories are a testament to our programs, our physicians, and the visitors we welcome to AMO. Our May 2019 winner is Jose, who traveled from Mexico to complete a gastroenterology rotation in Chicago.

More Than A Clinical Experience

My time in Chicago was amazing. Dr. A was great from when I enrolled in my gastroenterology rotation to this day.

I signed up hoping I would learn about gastroenterology, practicing medicine in the United States, and how it compares to what we do in Mexico.

To my surprise, I ended up learning a lot more. Dr. A decided he would teach me the most important lesson I have learned during my career: “There is more to medicine than just patients and illnesses.” That’s something they don’t teach you in school.

During my rotation, I had the opportunity to get to know the city, went to a radio station, and a college to talk about colorectal cancer prevention, a Cubs game. I even got to play soccer with Dr. A’s children.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot about procedures, diseases, and communication with patients, but I also learned life as a doctor is what you make of it, and Dr. A decided to make it fun. Along with a clinical rotation, I ended up having a whole “American experience,” as well as a new friend. I’m grateful AMO gave me that opportunity.

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