Known for its favorable weather, white sand beaches, and a colorful metropolitan area, Miami Florida has become popular for tourists and AMO visitors alike. This Southeastern city is home to 15 plus AMO rotations, many of which have been created through our Partnership with the University of Miami. During these rotations, visitors will generally spend the weekdays in a hospital setting with their supervising physician, giving them the evenings and weekends free to enjoy the sun, salt, and sea breeze. Below are some suggestions of places visitors should see, things to do, and of course, where to chow down at the end of their busy days.  

Places to See

  • South Beach

One of the more popular beaches, this spread of sand offers visitors the option to relax, picnic, or enjoy various water sports. With cabanas for rental and grills for cooking visitors can make an entire day out of their Trip to South Beach. For those who get restless while sunbathing, kayak rentals and spaces for sand volleyball are good alternative activities. After playing sand sports and laying in the sun visitors might get hungry. Onsite grills encourage visitors to bring their own food and cook it too.

  • Wynwood Walls 

Just a short walk from downtown, the Wynwood Walls are a maze of giant buildings which have become canvases for local and global graffiti artists alike. The walls are constantly being updated and repainted by artists to keep locals coming back. The best time to visit the Wynwood Walls is on the second Saturday of the month. During this time Wynwood hosts food trucks, live music, and entertainment that make it less of something to see and more of an experience to partake in.

  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This museum is a villa that has been restored to its current state. Visitors can explore the grand furniture and decor in the villa’s 35 rooms or leave the home and head to one of the 10 lush gardens on the property’s nearly 25 acres. For visitors hoping to make a day trip, a cafe and small shop offer good food options.

Things to Do:

  • Walk the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk

This 2.5 mile stretch along the water provides a location for walkers, joggers, and bikers to take in an ocean view while getting in a workout. The Boardwalk is home to 28 hotels, multiple bars and restaurants, and three parks that offer activities such as tennis and paddle ball. This area is great for dinner and a stroll at sunset.

  • Go Snorkeling, Paddle boarding, or Kayaking

With 15 beaches in Miami, and water sports offered at nearly each, visitors will not be bored. Snorkeling excursions are a great opportunity to interact with aquatic wildlife while kayaking and paddle boarding are options for those who like to keep their head above the water.

  • Swim in the Venetian Pool 

Built in 1924, this historic swimming pool is unlike any other. It is made entirely from coral and the water that bathers swim in is from a spring which travels by way of an aquifer underneath the property. The pool does have a limited allowance of visitors though so tickets for this experience should be booked in advance.

  • See a Sports Game

Miami is home to a number of sports teams. Depending on when a visitor is in Miami, they could see one of the following teams play, the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat, or the Miami Marlins. These sporting events give visitors a feel for the area’s state and city pride.

Food to eat:

8. Enjoy an Authentic Cuban Sandwich at Versailles:

Located in what is fondly know as, Little Havana, Versailles offers diners an authentic taste of Cuban Cuisine. Ask anyone what to order and the answer will be a Cuban. This sandwich is the restaurant’s most famous dish and although its ingredients are simple, the care but into its creation is anything but. If sandwiches aren’t your thing, this joint has many other delicious offerings which include seafood plates, salads, and a smattering of deserts.

9. Try a New Flavor Combination at The Salty Donut.

Do you like earl grey tea with lemon in it? What about brown butter and salt? These are two of the many unique donut flavors offered at The Salty Donut. The joint has a standard menu as well as a rotating one which offers seasonal specials. Located near Wynwood, this is a great stop before a trip to see the graffiti walls.

10. Have Cereal-inspired Pancakes at Eating House

This brunch centered restaurant offers those eating a playful menu with food combinations that have only previously been dreamt of. Some of their offerings include loaded tater tots, Capt n’ crunch pancakes, and sugared bacon. The unique menu is echoed by the restaurants interior design which includes walls covered in graffiti.  

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