During the first week of August, Kelli, AMO’s Chief Experience Officer, and Ryan, AMO’s Chief Revenue Officer, visited New York to touch base with AMO visitors and some of our partners who call “the City that Never Sleeps,” home. The two traveled from Chicago, where AMO is headquartered, to New York City on Sunday. On Monday and Tuesday Kelli stopped by New York hospitals and clinics to welcome new AMO visitors to the U.S. while Ryan spent his time giving presentations at Kaplan Medical.

Site Visits

Although AMO has visited New York several time in the last few years, the purpose of these trips were to build partner relations. This time, AMO visitors were the focus. Along with AMO Coaches Ashley and Jordan, Kelli works to ensure that visitors are happy and comfortable in their rotation. Open and honest communication is key for this. During her trip to New York, Kelli cultivated a channel of communication with visitors at each of the six locations she visited. These individuals shared with her what they were enjoying as well as some uncertainties they had. She felt that when it came to visitors expressing themselves, “giving a face to who we are [made] a difference.”  

Connections at Kaplan

During the time Kelli was connecting with visitors, Ryan was educating Kaplan Medical students on the rotation offered through AMO and how these experiences might elevate their medical education and future goals. Ryan held two presentations with follow up one-on-one sessions during his two days at Kaplan Medical New York. The goal of these sessions was not only to offer education on what AMO provides but also to understand how AMO can better cater to Kaplan Medical New York students and in turn, build out the partnership. AMO has been in partnership with Kaplan Medical New York for only a short period and we are hoping for growth that mimics that of AMO’s Kaplan Medical Chicago Partnership through which many students have benefited from rotations over the last two years.

Visitor Dinner

While both Kelli and Ryan had success during their daytime visits, the highlight of AMO’s trip to New York was the dinner the two hosted for visitors. The dinner took place at Sarabeth’s West, a New York based string of Restaurants offering American fare. The turnout was great. 20 AMO visitors were in attendance, with home countries stretched between Sweden and Congo. The dinner provided a social space for visitors from different locations and at different points in their medical education and careers to connect and learn from one another. “It was very exciting to see everyone interacting,” Ryan said. By the end of dinner, visitors had exchanged phone numbers. Many had made plans to explore the city during their free time.

New Possibilities

The dinner provided a sense of ease and fun after the visitors’ stressful first day of rotations. It also gave them a network of support while in the U.S. Although this dinner is not something routinely planned by AMO, the value it provided visitors is making a case for the possibility of it. Currently, AMO offers monthly in-person orientation for those with rotations in Chicago. The event has had similar success. It allows students to feel more connected to AMO, other visitors, and their experience in the U.S. The success of both events is opening the door for new possibilities. Conversations about expanding these options for future visitors in other locations have already begun.

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