For the last five months, AMO’s technology team has been creating a new search platform and AMO dashboard for our users. The updated site offers a more streamlined search experience. It also allows for greater integration when it comes to the enrollment and on-boarding process. Those searching for rotations, those planning to reserve, and those enrolling in an AMO rotation will have an elevated experience . The site has gone through multiple rounds of testing to create the best version of the site possible. Continue reading below to find out what changes have been made and how they can improve user experience!



At first glance, AMO users will notice visual changes made to the platform. Most notable, is the light color scheme, teal gradient background, and new layout. The most important aspect of the new layout for users will be the location of the search bar. The search bar is now located on the left of the page rather than its previous location, at the top.


Not only does the search bar have a new home, the way it functions has changed. Previously, users had the ability to directly type in their rotation inquiries. Now, the search bar contains four categories which allow users to narrow AMO rotations to fit their needs and interests. This simplifies the process of searching for experiences and allows users to see more clearly the opportunities AMO is offering.



We know that making the decision to complete a rotation abroad is an investment of time, money, and effort. With so much at play, users are bound to have questions and concerns they would like addressed before moving forward in apply, reserving, and enrolling. To make speaking with AMO Advisors and Success Coaches easier, their contact information is provided directly on your dashboard. Visitors will also have the option to schedule a call with an advisor in advance.


Also included in the new App are resources and guides that may provide useful planning and educational information. These live under the ‘documents’ tab at the top of the App. They are the organized under the title ‘resources and guides.’ Included are guides on securing visas, planning housing, budgeting for rotations, creating a resume or CV, and so much more. This section will continue to grow as users’ needs create demands for additional resources.



Overall, the App will provide simplicity in how it presents the journey of the user. “We have reinvented the platform to really take our users by the hand and make the process easier,” AMOpportunities CEO, Kyle Swinksy says of the newest update. This means that users will not only be able to see what stage they are in currently, they will also be directed on the next step to take towards securing a rotation.


To experience AMO’s new app and explore the wide variety of medical rotations we offer, sign up for an AMO user account today. Click here to get started!

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