We love hearing from our visitors about how they spent their time during and outside of their clinical experience. Asha, a medical student from India, completed a nephrology rotation in New York this past month. We can’t help but share her colorful photos and the story that explains them. Continuing reading to find out how much Asha enjoyed her time in the ‘Big Apple.’


Lots to Learn

I felt both excited and nervous as I started my journey to New York. As a final year medical student, I looked at this rotation as an opportunity for me to get one step close to my dream of becoming a nephrology specialist.

When I arrived for the first day of my rotation, my supervising physician greeted me. I felt so welcomed, and soon, I was comfortable with the place. This clinical experience taught me how to record patient history and learn more about how to perform physical examinations.

Even though my physician was busy, he took the time to teach me about pathophysiology, risk factors, and what causes hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and stroke. He also went over the medications prescribed for such conditions and their possible side effects. My physician asked me to read up on these. Whenever we saw patients, we were able to share this information with them. Not only did my physician go over clinical knowledge, but he also made me aware of how questions might be asked on the USMLE. This was so helpful.

Patient interaction was also covered by my physician. I became aware that although some patients are difficult to deal with, it is vital to remain calm. Being a competent physician means being compassionate; you are towards your patients. Also, the nurse there was kind enough to answer my questions about EKGs and breathing/allergy tests.

Apart from the clinical experience, I had a wonderful time in Manhattan. It was my first solo trip, and I enjoyed it. During my free time, I took a ferry to the Statue of Liberty, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, visited Madame Tussaud’s, and stood in the middle of Times Square. Learning to use the subway was a real task, though! This trip taught me how to enjoy my own company and made me feel more confident about myself. I am thankful to Amopportunities and my Visitor Experience Coach for providing me with such enjoyable experience.


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