With 2020 beginning, the AMO team cannot help but look forward to our new visitors, new clinical offerings, and the potential for exceptional growth. Before jumping ahead, we want to take a moment to reflect on our growth and success in 2019, and the numbers that shaped them.

Visitors: 693

During 2019 we had a total of 693 medical, dentistry, and nursing students, graduates, and professionals eligible to participate in a clinical experience with us. Since 2013, AMO has helped place 2,700+ individuals in U.S. clinical experiences.

We look forward to growing this number in 2020!

Are you interested in joining the 2,700+ individuals who have decided to elevate their medical education with our help? If so, create an account with us today to explore the possibilities. Applying for a clinical experience with AMO is free and simple!

New AMO Clinical Experiences: 130

2019 was full of new clinical offerings. The AMO Programs Team was hard at work connecting with physicians, hospitals, and other intuitions to create an experience which meets the interest and demands of visitors. These programs, plus some that were opened in the past and are still offered,  create a total of 217 clinical experiences,  which potential visitors can apply for as we ring in the new year.

Busiest Month for AMO: August

With the summer heatwave in the U.S. comes a wave of AMO visitors. August was our busiest month, with 112 visitors. The next most popular month for clinical experiences was July, with 100 visitors.

Spots for summertime clinical experiences tend to fill up the quickest, as supported by the numbers above. If you are looking for a clinical experience during June, July, or August of 2020, you should start applying and reserving experiences now!

Most Popular Location: New York

The fourth most popular state in the U.S. took on what a few temporary residents during 2019. New York was the most visited state for an AMO clinical experience with 221 AMO visitors traveling to ‘The Empire State.’ The attraction of New York in 2019 did not end with our visitors, the AMO team caught the traveling bug too and took to New York to connect with our visitors in August of 2019. For more on AMO’s trip to New York, check out our post on it here.

We hope 2019 was an excellent year for you and your medical education or profession. We hope 2020 follows with equal success!