Are you looking for a clinical experience that is academically affiliated? One at a teaching hospital that is in a great location? You can stop searching. Through our partnership with Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, Florida, we can offer medical students, graduates, and professionals the opportunity to participate in clinical experiences that are a great value.

Larkin Community Hospital is a fully functioning, accredited teaching hospital that trains medical residents and fellows. This experience is designed specifically for those interested in getting a preview of what medical residency in the U.S. is like. Continue reading below for specifics on this program and its location.

Clinical Experiences at Larkin Community Hospital

The partnership between AMO and Larkin Community Hospital offers visitors experiences in four medical specialties, which include cardiology, family medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry.

These experiences allow visitors to gain inpatient and outpatient experience. All programs are hands-on. Both current medical students and graduates who have taken and passed at least Step 1 of the USMLE are eligible to apply for these experiences.

Those who complete a clinical experience at Larkin Community Hospital are eligible to request a letter of recommendation from their precepting physician. This document will be on hospital letterhead and can be a great asset to those applying for residency in the future. Explore clinical experiences at Larkin Community Hospital >

Experiencing U.S. Culture in South Miami

While the hours of the clinical experience vary based on specialty, participants generally have the evenings and weekends free to enjoy the local culture. South Miami is home to the University of Miami and several residential areas. It is just below downtown Miami, making the city easily accessible for those completing clinical experiences at Larkin Community Hospital. The downtown area is full of restaurants and shopping centers. Those looking to spend time outside may favor visiting one of South Miami’s many beaches.

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