Located in Northern California, San Francisco and its landmarks are recognized across the world. It is the fourth most populated city in California and one of the most expensive cities to live in largely because of its amazing landscape, favorable weather, beautiful location, and lots of things to do.

Through our partnership with individual physicians and institutions, AMOpportunities offers a number of clinical experiences in the San Francisco area, allowing visitors to take in the sea spray outside clinical experience hours.


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If you already booked your experience with us and are ready to start planning your weekends in San Francisco, below are some suggestions for places to see, things to do, and food to eat!


Places to See

      • The Golden Gate Bridge and Park

Arguably the most famous monument in San Francisco, and perhaps the rest of California, the Golden Gate Bridge, is popular among tourists. This red suspension bridge spans nearly 1 mile, making it a frequent route for walkers and cyclists. If you decide to snap a photo of the bridge or go for a walk across it, be sure to stop by the bridge’s visitor center for some Golden Gate Bridge souvenirs to take home to your loved ones.

      • Muir Woods National Monument

Named after John Muir, one of America’s most beloved naturalists, this 550+ acre span of land is the perfect setting for a day of hiking. The area is primarily redwood forest with a network of natural and wooden trails woven throughout. If you do decide to take a walk in the woods, be sure to bring a light jacket as shade from the treetops make the woods considerably cooler than the city outside them.

      • Pier 39

A one-stop-shop for dining, shopping, and seal-watching, Pier 39 is always busy. Visitors are also invited to listen to live music, which is played 365 days a year. Those looking for an adventure may elect to go sailing or whale watching. Regardless of your interests, Pier 39 offers visitors a good time.


Things to Do

      • Walk Lands End Trail

This 3.4-mile loop hugs the pacific ocean giving walkers and joggers a view while they exercise. Along the route, there are many scenic beaches and monuments that are great for taking photographs or picnicking. If you are planning to walk Lands End Trail, be sure to stop by the Sutro Bath ruins for a brief history on what used to be the largest indoor swimming establishment in the world.

      • Roller Skate at 8 Wheels

Want to roller skate inside an old church? Well, you can in San Francisco! Church of 8 Wheels is a roller rink that once functioned as a place of worship. Visitors to the rink can skate while admiring religious-themed art sprayed across the ceiling. Those who go skating on Friday night during the venue’s “Roller Disco” can enjoy live music and cosmic skating.

      • Ride a Cable Car

The San Francisco Cable Car system is one of the largest cable car systems in the world. Its route travels to many famous tourist destinations in the area, making it a convenient and affordable mode of travel for visitors. Believe it or not, San Francisco’s cable cars are considered a National Historic Landmark of the United States. Click here for more information on San Francisco’s cable car routes, schedules, and fares.


Food to Eat

      • It’s-It Ice Cream Sandwich

This ice cream sandwich is made of two chocolate-covered oatmeal cookies, which traditionally hug a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Invented during the 1900s, the sandwich was an instant hit. While the original flavor remains the most popular, alternative and seasonal flavors are now available as well. To try an It’s-It, stop by a San Francisco grocery story or It’s-It Factory Store in Burlingame, California.

      • A Mission Burrito

Named after the California district where it was invented, this burrito is known for its size. Mission Burritos can be found all over California and are made out of wheat tortillas, which are larger and break far less often than corn tortillas. Legend says that this burrito was invented at El Faro. If you plan to make a trip to El Faro’s, be sure to bring your appetite.

      • Dutch Crunch Bread

You’ve never had bread like this before. Dutch Crunch bread is a staple in San Francisco and a riff on sourdough. Before it’s baked, it is covered in sugar, giving each loaf it’s signature hard exterior and a slightly sweet taste. San Francisco natives agree the best place to grab a deli sandwich on Dutch Crunch is at Ike’s. With locations throughout California, it’s a hard place to miss.


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