As a pre-medical student, medical student, resident, graduate, or professional you must be flexible. You have to be agile, a real problem solver, and resilient to change. So, shouldn’t your clinical experience be?

We think so! This is why we are offering a new option for our virtual rotations—flexible virtual rotations. When you enroll in this type of experience, you get the same quality program with the ability to select the hours and ways of participation. With this type of flexibility, you can continue your undergraduate education, medical school education, residency, internship, or job while still gaining experience in medicine!


Flexible Experience Formatting

When it comes to formatting these experiences, you’re the boss! Well, kind of. Although you do get to pick the days and hours you would like to participate, you must choose from ones predetermined by the supervising physician.

We understand that there may be significant time zone differences between you and the physician, making it difficult to participate in an experience. If this is the case, contact an AMO Advisor via email at Our advisors are knowledgeable in the experiences we offer and may be able to suggest another clinical experience that is a better match for your schedule.


Benefits of Flexible Experiences

Our flexible virtual rotations share the same benefits of our virtual clinical experiences with one additional bonus—their flexibility, of course! With a flexible virtual clinical experience, you can expect to:

  • Save Money—Avoid paying the cost of airfare, housing, meals, and daily transportation.
  • Stay Safe—Rotate from the comfort of your home.
  • Earn an LoR—Use this letter to apply for medical school, residency, or a future job.
  • Gain Experience—Add this to your resume, CV, or a job, medical school, or Match application.
  • Balance Your Lifestyle—Participate during the days and hours you are available.


Applying for Flexible Experiences

Interested in a flexible experience but unsure of where to sign up? We’ll walk you through it. Applying for our flexible experiences is the same as applying to our in-person and regular virtual experiences except for one step. Here’s how to apply for a flexible experience:

  1. Create an account with AMO.
  2. Explore experiences with the ‘Flexible‘ tag.
  3. Select your desired experience.
  4. Click apply.
  5. Submit the required materials.
  6. Email with the days and hours you’ll attend.


Preparing for Flexible Experiences

The process of preparing for a flexible virtual rotation will be similar to that of other virtual programs. Once you have reserved your clinical experience, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your experience is the best it can be.

First, you will want to ensure you have a strong internet connection. The importance of this cannot be understated enough. Without a good connection, you cannot participate in the experience. Most programs outline their technology requirements in the details section of their webpage. If you have any questions or concerns about these, we recommend you connect with one of our advisors.

Next, you will want to set aside an area in your home where you can participate in the experience. Ideally, the location should be quiet, clean, and calm. Having a space that reflects this will improve your ability to focus. You may also decide to put away or turn off your cell phone during the hours you attend the experience.

Finally, you will need to follow the hours you have scheduled for the experience. For this experience to be beneficial, you will have to attend it. Failing to attend the program based on the schedule you set during the application and enrollment process can send the wrong message to your supervising physician. This individual will be writing your letter of recommendation. As such, it is vital to show up to the experience as your best—most punctual, respectful, and knowledgeable—self.


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