The summer months have officially arrived, and we can’t blame you if you’ve already set your holiday plans. The long and stressful school year can have you itching to pack up and head for the beach or mountains as soon as possible.

But unless you’re planning a long trip, you might find yourself in the second half of summer without much to do.

Here are three reasons why late-summer clinical experiences just makes sense.

They Help You Stand Out on the Match

If you’re applying to the upcoming U.S. Residency Match, you may know that September holds a few important deadlines for your application’s supplemental materials.

The ECFMG highly recommends September 20 as a final deadline for uploading supplemental materials to your application to ensure they are received by programs on September 27. This makes an August rotation an ideal time to earn recent, final letters of recommendation to support your Match application. But a September rotation can also be a great month to earn an LoR for the Match if you follow the right timeline.

They Ease the Transition Back into Coursework

We know that late summer means the start of classes is around the corner. It also means having to turn your school brain back on, which is never fun nor easy.

A clinical rotation in the month before you return to coursework is an effective (and, if we can be bias, fun) way to jump back into thinking about medical concepts again in a more engaging way than, well, the first day of class might be.

You might even surprise yourself at how much you learned over the last school year!

They Can Extend Your Summer Holiday

Let’s be real. Late-summer clinical experiences don’t have to be all business. No one will blame you if you make the most of your clinical experience by exploring a new state or city before, after, or even during your rotation.

With more than 300 rotations across 28 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., you have more say in where you rotate. You can even read some of our AMO travel guides by clicking here.


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