Just as medical school students need rotations to become physicians, nurses must also complete clinical rotations to broaden their array of experiences in the clinical setting. Nursing rotations allow students to experience a glimpse into daily life as a nurse. From learning how to encounter and care for patients to mastering how to work as part of a care team, nursing rotations are crucial to developing one’s nursing career.

Participating in a nursing rotation allows for exposure to essential skills such as taking vital signs, bathing, medicating, feeding, ambulating, and assessing a patient. Nursing rotations involve professionally supervised patient exposure, giving students the experience necessary to develop proper care practices for all patients.

Completing a nursing rotation in a different specialty also adds breadth to a nurse’s experience and medical knowledge. AMOpportunities now offers nursing rotations in various specialties and in various locations around the United States. These specialties include Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedic Surgery, Anesthesiology, Dermatology, and Surgery in locations such as New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, Cape Cod, Chicago, Exton, and Miami.

From developing technical and communication skills to experiencing daily life in the hospital or care setting, nursing rotations are the ultimate integration of skills and knowledge.

Did you know AMO offers rotations for current nursing students and those who have a degree in nursing? To learn more or apply for there opportunities click here.

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