As the third-largest city in Florida and home to a handful of AMO clinical experiences, Tampa is a popular place to visit. It is well known for its sandy beaches, but as it turns out, there is a lot more you can do in Tampa other than soaking up the sun. Continue reading below for a snapshot of what to see, do, and eat during your time there.

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Places to Visit

    1. Heights Public Market

One of the most talked-about new spaces in Tampa, Heights Public Market, is a hub for foodies and gastronomic gurus alike. This space houses 16 eateries, all of which are well known for their flavors or their founders. Eating isn’t the only thing that happens here, there is also a great deal of cooking. The space regularly hosts culinary classes by famous chefs and owners of the establishments housed in Heights Public Market.


    1. Big Cat Rescue

Big Cat Rescue is a sanctuary for endangered and mistreated wild cats. It also serves as an educational platform for visitors to learn about the different cat species and how they came to be at the sanctuary. Visitors pay a small entrance fee, which covers the cost of caring for the cats and helps the sanctuary’s efforts to save endangered big cat species.


    1. Weedon Island Preserve

For those who love spending time in nature, a trip to Weedon Island Preserve is a great idea. This mangrove-covered, 3,000-plus acre island boasts a 4-mile walking trail and channels for canoeing. The island also hosts the occasional education nature walk.


    1. Sparkman Wharf

Located just off the water’s edge, in downtown Tampa, this diverse outdoor space offers visitors the opportunity to bowl, shop, grab a beer, or have a nice dinner under the stars. Special events such as concerts are also held in this space. Be sure to check out upcoming events so you can make the most of your time at Sparkman’s Wharf.


Things to Do

    1. See a Wrestling Match

Home to many MMA and WWE events, Tampa offers visitors the chance to see something new. Events are held frequently, but the location is not always consistent. Click here for fight dates and tickets.


    1. Ride a Roller Coaster at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Tampa has nine roller coasters and more than 27 attractions and is an excellent place for a day trip. If you aren’t crazy about roller coasters or get motion sick, that’s ok! Busch Gardens has a spectacular zoo that park visitors can wander for no added fee. There are also plenty of live music and shows throughout the day.


    1. Walk along the Tampa Riverwalk

At 2.6 miles in length, the Tampa Riverwalk is a great place for visitors to stretch out their legs after a long international flight. On one side, visitors can enjoy a view of the waterfront. On the other hand, the areas notable museums sit, inviting walkers to stop in. The riverfront occasional hosts events. For a full schedule of these, check out the Tampa Riverwalk’s webpage.


Foods to Eat

    1. The 2-pound burrito from Taco Bus

The name says it all. This is a restaurant on wheels that brings tacos, tostadas, burritos, and churros to hungry Tampa residents. What started in 1996 as a school-bus-turned-taco-joint has grown into a brick and mortar restaurant. Dubbed one of the best food “trucks in the U.S.,” those who catch a Taco Bus parked on their street should be sure to try the 2-pound burrito.


    1. Fruit Loop Donuts at Dough

Featured on several news channels and culinary television shows, it’s no wonder Dough has everyone talking. The bakery offers visitors a space for coffee, classic baked goods, and, for those who stray from the beaten path, some unique flavors. Some of their standout donut flavors include key lime pie, fruit loop, and birthday cake. Donut miss this stop if you find yourself in Tampa!


    1. A Cuban at the West Tampa Sandwich Shop

What would a trip to Florida be without a Cuban sandwich? The best place to get this state staple in Tampa? The West Tampa Sandwich Shop, of course. This humble family-owned space is open for breakfast and lunch, offering diners an array of dishes to choose from. Another perk? The reasonable price tag. Breakfast plates cost under $4, and sandwiches are all under $7.


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