Ranking for the 2020 Match just wrapped up and, with Match Day less than a month away, it is time for medical students and graduates to determine if they will be applying to the 2021 Match. Now is the time for these individuals to check that they meet eligibility requirements. Doing so will ensure they can apply when the time comes. Below we outline eligibility and application requirements for International Medical Graduates so you can get a head start in applying for the 2021 Main Residency Match.


Eligibility Requirements

To apply to The Match, IMGs must obtain an ECFMG certification and meet the ACGME’s general requirements for entering Graduate Medical Education (GME).


    • ECFMG Certification Requirements

To become ECFMG certified, an IMG must pass the USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CS, and Step 2, CK. USMLE committee members recently announced changes to the Exam, which you can read about here. These changes emphasize clinical skills and knowledge, both of which can be fostered through clinical experiences, like those offered through AMOpportunities. Clinical experiences allow participants to learn new medical terminology, practice general skills, and learn how to better communicate with patients and other physicians. For more information on how a clinical experience can help you on your medical journey, click here.

In addition to passing the three sections of the USMLE listed above, an IMG’s education must be accredited. If the individual is planning to obtain certification before 2023, their school listing in the World Directory of Medical Schools is sufficient to meet accreditation requirements. Starting in 2023, this will change. Individuals applying to the Match must have a degree from an ECFMG accredited university. For information on ECFMG accredited universities, click here.

Finally, an applicant hoping to apply for the USMLE must apply for his or her ECFMG certification. The application for ECFMG certification has two parts–an online application and a notarized Certification of Identification Form. For full details on applying for ECFMG certifications, visit the ECFMG’s website.


    • GME Requirements

In addition to being ECFMG certified, an applicant to the Match must meet the ACGME’s graduate medical education requirements. This means that an applicant has graduated from medical school and can begin their GME starting July 1, the year they apply to the Match.


Registration Requirements

Once an applicant determines they meet GME requirements, and he or she has obtained their ECFMG certification, the individual can register for the Match. To register for the NRMP, individuals must:


    • Create an ERAS account

ERAS stands for Electronic Residency Application System. Individuals create a MyERAS account to house their Residency application materials. This includes information found on a curriculum vitae (CV) and LoRs. Some residency programs have individuals apply through MyERAS. For information on how to create an ERAS account, click here.


    • Register with the National Resident Matching Program

After an individual has created a MyERAS account, he or she must register with the NRMP by creating an account through their Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system. Generally, registration opens in September. Standard registration runs through November, and late registration, which requires an additional fee, extends to February.

Creating an account requires an individual to input their ECFMG ID, personal information, and information comparable to that found on a CV. There is a registration fee attached that an individual must pay to be considered for the Match. For a complete guide on how to create an R3 account, visit the NRMP’s webpage.


Once an individual meets the eligibility requirements and registers for the Match, they can begin applying for programs!


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