Rotating during the winter months can be challenging. For current medical students, the end of a term means an influx of exams and loose ends to tie up. The excitement and stress of the holidays can be an added distraction making it difficult to find the time to apply, reserve, and really learn.

Our December Photo and Blog Contest winner had no problem finding balance, especially because she opted for one of our virtual clinical experiences. Nida, a final year medical student from India, participated in one of our most popular experiences of 2020, getting great instruction in plastic surgery from a well-known physician with direct connections to a U.S. plastic surgery residency program.

For details on what Nida loved most about the experience, read her winning entry below!


A One of a Kind Experience With a One of a Kind Preceptor

I did a month-long plastic surgery with Dr. L., a residency program director with Harvard Medical School. Participating in this experience was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Going in, I had a certain level of expectation re rotation and was very happy when each and every one of them was met. Dr. L.’s virtual clinical experience is one of a kind. It is filled with so much knowledge of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The experience also addressed a lot of preconceived notions I had of the field.

I especially loved watching all the different procedures and techniques and having any questions answered on the spot by Dr. L. He was very unassuming and reflected his passion for the field onto us.

I looked forward to logging into class every day to learn something fascinating. This month of learning has been one of the best educational encounters I’ve ever had, and it further cemented my interest in the field.

The process of applying was easy through AMO. They were available to help every step of the way. I will definitely be applying for a hands-on rotation in the future.


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