People often say that good things come in small packages. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have decided to launch several two-week clinical experiences.

These condensed rotations take place virtually, providing safety and convenience during these uncertain times. They are a smart solution to your clinical training needs, moving the needle on your medical education without demanding large time or monetary investments.

Continue reading below for an outline of instances where a shorter clinical experience may be preferable to our standard four-week rotations. There’s also an overview of how to apply, should you decide these new week-long experiences are right for you!

When to Participate in a Shorter Rotation

1. You need to earn an LoR Quickly

Planning to apply for the upcoming residency match cycle? Not so fast—you need 3 letters of recommendation to do so. If you don’t have enough or the letters you have are more than two years old, short-term clinical experiences can help. When you complete a two-week rotation, you can request a merit-based LoR from your preceptor.

You may be wondering how a letter of recommendation earned during one of these experiences stacks up against those from month-long rotations. A longer rotation means you spend more time with your preceptor. During this time, they will gain insight into your skills, interest, and character. Because they may get to know you better, the content of LoRs may be more in-depth and stronger than those earned during shorter rotations. Still, if you are pressed for time and don’t want to wait until the following match cycle, an LoR from a two-week clinical experience can fill the requirement.

2. You Want to Save Money

If you want to expand the medical experience listed on your resume/CV without breaking the bank, a two- week rotation is the way to go. These cost a fraction of the price of four-week rotations but still allow you to practice your medical skills, obtain new knowledge, learn from a skilled healthcare professional, and even interact with other medical trainees or patients. Because these rotations are virtual, you may learn about telehealth services as well.

3. You’re New to Clinical Training

If you’re an early year medical student or you haven’t participated in clinical training before, a short-term rotation could be a great introduction to working with a preceptor in a real-world setting. You’ll be able to practice professional communication skills and learn about the U.S. healthcare system, so when you do decide to complete a four-week rotation, you’ll be able to do so with a level of confidence no one else has!

4. You Want to Try Out a New Specialty

Are you curious about a certain medical core or elective? Do you think you could have a knack for something you haven’t tried out yet? A two- week rotation is the perfect chance to learn about a new area of medicine without over-committing. If it isn’t the perfect fit, you won’t feel like you need to make up for lost time or lost funds.

5. You Have a Packed Schedule

If you can’t get away from work or school, have limited vacation time, or your holiday breaks are filled to the brim, you may feel that clinical training is just not possible. Our two-week rotations, which allow for flexible scheduling can make rotating a reality! Like our four-week flexible virtual rotations, our two- week flexible rotations allow you to choose the dates and times you can participate in the experience based on those offered by the physician hosting the experience.


How to Apply for a Two-Week Rotation

Does one of the above scenarios describe your current circumstances? If so, we invite you to apply for a two-week clinical experience. To submit an application, you need an AMO account. Creating the account is free and just takes a few moments.

If you end up loving your short-term clinical experience, you can always extend it for an additional two weeks! Maybe you’ll even consider applying for one of our standard four-week clinical later in your education.

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