As the temperatures begin to cool and winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, the AMOpportuinties team dreams of summer. What is summer without a road trip?

Whether you are beginning to plan a 2021 summer clinical experience or just daydreaming, we invite you to explore California’s coast with us. Rather than stopping off at a gas station or roadside attraction, we’re using our California-based clinical experiences as points of attraction. Maybe you’ll be inspired to plan a clinical experience, so you explore one of the cities outlined below!

Let’s start this road trip off right—turn up the music and roll down the windows! We’ll start in Northern California!


Stop 1: San Francisco

Located in Northern California, San Francisco and its landmarks are recognized across the world. It is the fourth most populated city in California and one of the most expensive cities to live in primarily because of its fantastic landscape, favorable weather, and awe-inspiring tourist attractions. Fancy Mexican food or a good hike? San Francisco is the place for you!

Here are a few places you must see while in San Francisco!

    • The Golden Gate Bridge and Park

Arguably the most famous monument in San Francisco, and perhaps the rest of California, the Golden Gate Bridge, is popular among tourists. This red suspension bridge spans nearly 1 mile, making it a frequent route for walkers and cyclists. If you decide to snap a photo of the bridge or go for a walk across it, be sure to stop by the bridge’s visitor center for some Golden Gate Bridge souvenirs to take home to your loved ones.

    • Muir Woods National Monument

Named after John Muir, one of America’s most beloved naturalists, this 550+ acre span of land is the perfect setting for a day of hiking. The area is primarily forested with a network of natural and wooden trails woven throughout. If you do decide to take a walk in the woods, be sure to bring a light jacket as shade from the treetops makes the woods considerably cooler than the city.

    • Pier 39

A one-stop-shop for dining, shopping, and seal-watching, Pier 39 is always busy. Visitors are also invited to listen to live music, which is played 365 days a year. Those looking for an adventure may elect to go sailing or whale watching. Regardless of your interests, Pier 39 offers visitors a good time.

For more ideas on what to do in San Francisco, check out our full San Francisco city guide.

When it comes to clinical experiences in Northern California, there is plenty to choose from. We offer experiences situated within the city limits for those looking to stay local. For those looking to slow things down a bit, we also offer clinical experiences in Vallejo, a smaller coastal town just across the San Francisco and San Pablo Pablo Bays. Vallejo is reachable by car, but a ferry ride from San Francisco takes just one hour. Specialties offered near San Francisco include internal medicine, podiatry, and ophthalmology. Explore experiences near San Francisco >


Stop 2: San Jose

Sitting in the middle of the west coast is San Jose—home to Silicon Valley, the birthplace of many popular technological advancements. San Jose sits behind San Diego and Los Angeles as the third most populous city within California. Visitors to San Jose should consider hiking half moon bay, attending a vineyard wine tasting, or exploring one of three Japantowns that remain in the U.S.

San Jose may be a happening town, but a commute to the city can be stressful every day. Our clinical experiences in Freedom, Hollister, and Lompoc provide exposure to suburban and rural healthcare systems. Lompoc, California, is home to one of our partner institutions, Lompoc Valley Medical Center, which offers clinical experiences in four different medical specialties, including cardiology, family medicine, general surgery, and pediatrics. Explore experiences with Lompoc Valley Medical Center >


Stop 3: Los Angeles

Known as The City of Angeles, Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and, by association, many famous actors and actresses. Its downtown has many museums and landmarks praising these individuals but, just past the busy highways, the coastline offers visitors sand, sunshine, and an afternoon of relaxation.

Here are some places to visit if you find yourself in Los Angeles.

    • Griffith Observatory

A perfect location for viewing downtown L.A. and the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Observatory is a staple for tourists. The building is layered with balconies that allow for optimal viewing. The observatory’s green lawns invite picnicking. If astronomy is your thing, the observatory is equipped with telescopes and hosts viewing events on certain clear evenings.

    • Santa Monica Pier

A perfect place to visit during the evenings, Santa Monica Pier has an incredible view of the sunset from the boardwalk or Ferris Wheel. The pier is home to arcade games, rides, carnival food, and even an aquarium. If none of that sparks your interest, the street performers there might.

    • The Hollywood Walk of Fame

The perfect location for a photo, the Hollywood Walk of Fame pays tribute to celebrities of past and present alike. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, made of stars that cover the sidewalks, make a path around downtown L.A. Visitors who have their heart set on seeing the star of their favorite singer or actor can find its location here.

For more L.A. attractions, check out our complete city guide.

Those looking to secure their core clinical experiences should consider a clinical experience in Los Angles. The experiences offered are focused mainly on internal medicine and family medicine. Additional specialties, including plastic surgery, physical medicine are offered near Pasadena, a 20-minute drive from Los Angeles. Explore Experiences Near Los Angeles >


Stop 4: San Diego

Last but not least, the final stop on our California road trip is San Diego! Considered to have an almost perfect climate year-round, San Diego is the second-largest city in California and growing! Its mix of urban and natural landscapes allow visitors and city habitant to scratch their nature itch during the day and enjoy shopping or fine dining at night. If you find yourself in what is considered to be America’s Finest City, make sure to visit Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and Little Italy.

Those interested in obstetrics and gynecology can participate in a clinical experience without leaving the city limits. For those who are open to traveling a few paces east or south, there are clinical experiences in Murrieta and Irvine. Explore Clinical Experiences near San Deigo >


If California isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. We offer virtual rotations and others across the U.S.

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