At the end of 2018, the American Medical Association compiled a list of the most popular topics on social media for physicians and patients. Check out what was liked, loved and shared the most between physicians of the United States:

1. Physician Burnout

An AMA Facebook post highlighted a survey detailing the prevalence of physician burnout by medical specialty in the United States. This post drew thousands of likes, shares and comments. Research has shown that physician burnout is attributed to organizational and systemic factors. As a resource, the AMA provides tips and resources to ensure physician well-being.

2. Most Viewed: Financial Planning

The AMA released an article on financial planning for residency that highlighted three take-home points for all aspiring physicians. Financial planning is an important topic to consider when budgeting for your career. This article put financial planning into perspective, demystifying most of the process and making a medical career accessible for everyone.

3. Most Popular: International Women’s Day

An AMA tweet on International Women’s Day discussed a recent survey on female physician’s top concerns. Some of these concerns include pay inequity and a lack of flexible schedules. The tweet also mentioned that between 1980 and 2013, the number of female physicians increased by 541%.

4. Most Shared: Family-Separation Crisis at the Border

AMA Trustee, Dr. Bobby Mukkamala, released a powerful statement on the family-separation crisis at the border that garnered a lot of attention from physicians. At the 2018 AMA Annual Meeting, the AMA adopted a policy opposing the immigration-enforcement practice of family-separation.

5. An Instasmash: Dr. Patrice Harris

In 2018, Dr. Patrice Harris, a psychiatrist, became the first black woman to hold the office of AMA president. She will begin her term in June 2019. An AMA Instagram post commemorating the election was a big hit on Instagram.

6. Most Clicked: Physician Burnout

This article by the AMA highlights the prevalence of physician burnout in the United States. The article, which tells the story of six prominent U.S. physicians, received the most clicks on the AMA website.

7. Most Loved: Fighting Against Gun Violence

An AMA post condemning gun violence launched a long Twitter thread of discussion following the Parkland massacre in Florida. This post elicited a response by formed AMA president, David O. Barbe, who called gun violence a public health crisis.

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